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Huawei founder declared: "We still survive well without American companies"

For the time being, Huawei is still stuck in the U.S.-China trade war and is still on the US Department of Commerce's "blacklist". That prevented Huawei from cooperating and buying components from technology companies in the US.

However, in a recent statement, Huawei founder and CEO Nhip Phi Phi said that his company can live well without going to the US. Specifically, in an interview, he said: “We do not expect the United States to remove Huawei from its entity list. They can keep us there forever, because we'll be fine even without them. ”

Even so, according to Nham Chinh Phi, Huawei is still buying some US components. For example, chips made by American companies in foreign factories are often not subject to U.S. restrictions. This has allowed a number of US companies, including chip makers Intel and Qualcomm, to continue selling to Huawei. Will Zhang, Huawei's corporate strategy chairman, said the purchase of U.S. technology is 70% to 80% of the previous level.

In addition, there is a company in the US that Huawei desperately wants to work with, which is none other than Google. It is known that the use of services for this search "giant" has made Huawei smartphones no longer have a foothold in the international market. And that still has a big impact on the Chinese company's sales.

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