Huawei postponed the launch of smartphone screen folding Mate X for another 3 months - Photo 1.

Huawei delayed the launch of Mate X for another 3 months

Huawei will unveil its eye-catching display smartphone, Mate X, for another three months, the latest sign of how heavily the company is being affected by a government ban. America launched last month.

This information is said by Vincent Pang, head of Huawei's business communications division, on the sidelines of the WSJ Tech D.Live Conference in Hong Kong. According to Pang, Huawei Mate X, the biggest rival of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, will be released in September.

Initially this device is expected to launch in June this year.

The postponement of this launch right at the time of Huawei's phone segment is facing a halt to updating Google's Android operating system after the Chinese company is blacklisted and banned from the US government. US companies cooperate with Huawei.

However, Pang denied that the delay was due to the impact of the ban. He said that Huawei is in the process of testing certification with many different operators, it is expected to be completed in August next.

Mr. Pang said: "Of course, our priority is Google and Android when we have been partners for many years now. But if the situation requires us to do so, we can deploy Hongmeng within the next 6 to 9 months."

In addition, Mr. Pang also denied reports from the media that Huawei has canceled the launch of its new generation laptop, Huawei only needs a little more time to complete the product before the launch date.

Refer to Reuters

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