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Huawei claims HongMeng OS is faster than Android and MacOS

Last week President Donald Trump announced that Huawei could continue to cooperate with US companies. This means that Google may continue to allow Huawei to use Android and certify its phones. However, this does not mean that Huawei gives up its own HongMeng operating system development. This statement comes directly from the CEO and founder of Huawei – Ren Zhengfei (Nham Chinh Phi).

Huawei reaffirmed HongMeng OS will be faster than Android and MacOS

Despite hearing a lot about HongMeng OS, it is clear that we have not seen a detailed leak of Huawei's operating system. In a recent interview with France's Le Point magazine, the 75-year-old executive said that Huawei's operating system will work on network switches, routers, and data centers, as well as on smartphones. In this direction, HongMeng OS is oriented quite similar to Google's Fuchsia operating system.

Nham Chinh Phi stated that HongMeng OS could be faster than Google Android OS. He also confirmed the same thing when compared to MacOS (which is also reasonable because HongMeng OS will appear on laptops and computers). According to Ren, HongMeng OS has latency when handling tasks under 5 milliseconds.

Of course, Nham Chinh Phi's statement only reaffirms what we already know. We have heard many times that HongMeng OS is very fast and can run on many different devices. Hopefully, Huawei will unveil this home-grown operating system at the company's Developers Conference in the future.

Reference: Gizmochina

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