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Huawei CEO announced HongMeng OS faster than both Android and macOS

Although Donald Trump announced last week that Huawei could continue to cooperate with US companies and Google would most likely allow Huawei to continue using Android and certifying its phones. However, Chinese companies continue to develop HongMeng OS.

This statement was stated by the founder and CEO – Nham Chinh Phi. In an interview from France's Le Point magazine, the 75-year-old executive said the internal operating system will work on network switches, routers, data centers, as well as electricity. smart phone It is quite similar to Google's Fuchsia operating system.

Nham Chinh Phi – CEO and founder of Huawei

Mr. Nham also claimed that HongMeng OS could be faster than Google's Android. Especially when running on a computer is even faster than MacOS. According to Nham, HongMeng OS has a processing delay of less than 5 milliseconds.

Of course this is not something new, Huawei has repeatedly stated that HongMeng OS is very fast and works on many different devices.

It should also be clarified, Huawei just said that its operating system is faster, not more stable, creating a more stable operating system than macOS is probably extremely difficult, even when Windows still remains one rank less. Let us see what Huawei will do with this new operating system.

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