Huang Xiaoming: With a "stupid kid" with a net worth of over 100 million, he is still on par with Chow Yunfa!

Huang Xiaoming: With a “stupid kid” with a net worth of over 100 million, he is still on par with Chow Yunfa!

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He is Xiao Ming who rides the wind and waves. He is cautious in front of 30 sisters who are making waves. He is also the overbearing president of the Chinese restaurant, saying “I don’t want you to think I want what I think”.

In life, he spoils his wife, holds a 200 million wedding for his wife, gives away luxury cars, and designs wedding dresses personally. Envy others, he is Huang Xiaoming.

From a stupid kid to counterattack with a net worth of over 100 million, today we will talk about Huang Xiaoming’s life story,

Huang Xiaoming was born in Qingdao, Shandong in 1977. His father is an engineer, and his mother is an enterprise cadre. He was raised up since he was born. He has been a cute little handsome man since childhood.

Even the uncles and aunts in the yard clamored to marry their daughters to him all day because of the influence of the original family. He did not experience the dangers of society at all, and his heart was particularly simple.

So much so that when he entered the entertainment circle later, he was hit by mistake, and by chance. After hearing the broadcast of Beijing’s recruitment of actors, I naively thought it was the job of a power station, but was told that it was an acting school, so I rushed to register.

The entrance exam asked him to perform cricket catching, but he said, reporting to the teacher that there is no cricket in Qingdao. At that time, a teacher commented that Huang Xiaoming was like a piece of wood.

However, the strength is not more worthy of appearance, and the handsome face with distinct features adds a lot of points.

1996. With his face value, he got a ticket to enter the Beijing Film Acting Department, and became the Three Musketeers of Beiying with Zhao Wei and Chen Kun. After graduating, he ushered in his first work “The Emperor of the Han Dynasty”, playing the role of Emperor Liu Che of Han Wu, and firmly established the image of a confident and energetic boy in the weather.

Become a well-known big star for a time. After making a popular one, whether it was Yang Guo from “The Legend of Condor Heroes” or Xu Wenqiang from “New Shanghai Beach”, he made a lot of money and became a top-line celebrity.

In the movie “Greater Shanghai”, he is even on par with Chow Yun-fat. However, he became famous too quickly, and he tried every opportunity at all times, which led to the consumption of the audience’s expectations of him. He starred in bad films such as “Splendid Adventure”, “Summer of Bubbles” and “Why Shengxiao Silence”. He also insisted on the overbearing presidential greasiness to the end. Although wearing the aura of idols, but also facing the embarrassment of nothing to film.

Huang Xiaoming has always had the character of not admitting defeat. It is said that smart people may not have the best laugh, but sincere and hardworking people will definitely have the last laugh.

So he settled down and constantly revised himself. 2019 ushered in a career watershed. Starred in “Heroes of Fire” to win back reputation. With a box office of 1.7 billion, with this movie, it became popular again.

Even defeating Chow Yun-fat to win the actor, not only sweeping the movie. At the same time, the variety shows are also very popular. In the show of “Bring the Wind and Waves”, I am willing to be the man behind my sister. Passing paper towels and lifting skirts again, comforting the warm man to the extreme. It is completely different from the domineering president on the screen,

At this moment, he finally washed off the greasy label and transformed into a powerful actor. A smooth turnaround in his career. At the same time, I am also a spoiled wife in life. Recently, I faced a girl’s confession on a live broadcast on a certain platform, and used the sentence that we are all family members to reject each other.

Give his wife full face, always show affection, in his eyes only doting his wife, on Yang Ying’s birthday in 2014, gave thousands of Marriott cars as a gift. The wedding is more like a novel. Huang Xiaoming spent 200 million yuan on a wedding.

Personally designed thousands of wedding dresses for his wife, and even the crown on Yang Ying’s head is the treasure of a certain museum. Also invite half of the entertainment circle to congratulate,

Although they were rumored to be married after marriage, they never paid attention to external rumors and tried to live a happy life for themselves. When his wife’s career was not going well, he helped find resources.

When his wife was hacked, he immediately stood up for maintenance. Will dominate his wife to the end.

Nowadays, both husband and wife are developing steadily in their careers. Such a marriage is the happiest appearance in each case. From that stupid kid to the first-line big coffee Huang Xiaoming, the way everyone has always liked is that his hard work does not admit defeat. Do you know that everyone likes Huang Xiaoming?


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