Huang Shengyi takes her 86-year-old mother-in-law to a variety show, can't she live a good life?

Huang Shengyi takes her 86-year-old mother-in-law to a variety show, can’t she live a good life?

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On February 18th, Mango TV’s self-made reality show “Mother-in-law and Mother Season 2” was launched. This season was attended by stars such as Huang Shengyi, Yang Zi, Du Chun, Hou Patty, and Chen Songling.

Judging from the effects of the first broadcast, “Mother and Mother Season 2” is full of highlights. Du Chun not only exposed the process of interacting with his wife, but also said that in the near future, he will become a father. In addition, many details of Huang Shengyi and Yang Zi’s daily life have also been exposed. For example, Yang Zi’s nickname for Huang Shengyi is “Lao Huang”. In order to satisfy his shopping desire, he even rented a warehouse. .

In the show, there is an old lady who is very noticeable. It is Yang Zi’s mother and Huang Shengyi’s mother-in-law Liu Liqin. The old lady is 86 years old. This is also her first time in a variety show, because Huang Shengyi and Yang Zi are stars in the entertainment industry. , So when the old lady appeared in the show, she was also sent to the hot search, and she also received a nickname: Duanshui Granny.

Why is it called “Duanshui Granny”?

The old lady said in the show that she likes all the daughters-in-laws, and all the grandchildren and granddaughters, so she became a “grandmother in the water”. The old lady speaks clearly in the mirror and has a strong spirit. Many viewers said I like it very much and I am very envious of Huang Shengyi having such a mother-in-law.

However, some viewers questioned Huang Shengyi’s mother-in-law on variety shows. After all, Liu Liqin is 86 years old. At this age, she should enjoy her twilight years and shouldn’t appear in reality shows with Huang Shengyi and Yang Zi.

It is not uncommon for celebrities to take their families to participate in reality shows, such as Yi Nengjing, Zhong Liti, Zhang Lunshuo, Yang Di, etc. They also let their families participate in variety shows when recording reality shows.

Is it good to take your family to a variety show? Is it right?

Needless to say, it is certainly good to bring your family to a variety show, because the money comes quickly. But if you want to ask what is appropriate, you should think about it.

The stars of the entertainment industry are public figures. They have a certain influence both inside and outside the circle. The director and film crew invite them to record reality show variety shows. The key is to see their influence and appeal. But their Is the family influential? Is it appealing?

The answer is obvious, certainly not.

Some viewers said that Huang Shengyi’s mother-in-law is 86 years old, and she is not an insider. Isn’t it okay to live a good life at this age? Must come out to brush his face.

Stars take their families to participate in reality shows, the purpose can be summarized in two words: fame and fortune.

Are Yang Zi and Huang Shengyi on the show to make money? This question can be put aside, if from the perspective of Yang Zi’s family background, there is absolutely no need for them to participate in reality shows.

Yang Zi is the vice chairman and executive president of China Juli Group, chairman of China Juli Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., a distinguished researcher of the Institute of Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Relics of the Palace Museum, an actor, producer, producer, and collector from mainland China , Is a real rich man, Huang Shengyi was also promoted to Kotai after marrying him.

Why did Yang Zi and Huang Shengyi bring their 86-year-old mother to the reality show? A simple summary: brush the sense of existence.

At present, Huang Shengyi is 38 years old. She has passed the best period of star development in the entertainment industry. In recent years, Huang Shengyi’s works have become less and less. She can only rely on participating in variety shows and bringing her own mother-in-law. Increase heat.

In order to get more attention, the 86-year-old mother-in-law also came in. Such an approach is indeed improper.

From the perspective of the old lady, she is now 86 years old. She should enjoy her old age and should not come out to toss again. From the perspective of Huang Shengyi, if she wants to get more attention, she should start with her own profession. Produce more works that the audience likes, instead of relying on others to increase their popularity.

On the other hand, the performance of this variety show should also be braked and should be controlled.

The celebrity’s family members are not celebrities or public figures. Although taking them to variety shows can increase topics and attention, and at the same time get paid, this phenomenon is not good and may be imitated by the very celebrities.

Some stars are not good at other fields, but they can perform well in variety shows. This has become their way of survival. In order to obtain more benefits, they may bring their family members with them when participating in the program and seek some benefits.

But this may not be acceptable to the director and film crew, but in order to achieve the effect of the program, they have to accept the requirements of the stars. Therefore, the cost of the program is indirectly increased. Over time, the status of the stars has also been elevated, forming a role in the entertainment industry. A bad atmosphere is created, so this situation should be properly controlled.

What do you think of Huang Shengyi’s 86-year-old mother-in-law on a variety show? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss.

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