Huang Lei was exposed to derailment, and "father-daughter love" with the post-00 actress: he should have overturned a long time ago!

Huang Lei was exposed to derailment, and “father-daughter love” with the post-00 actress: he should have overturned a long time ago!

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Some time ago, Huang Lei was exposed to an improper relationship with Zhang Zifeng, a popular flower.

Recently, the two recorded the variety show “The Longing for Life” together to break the rumors.

In the show, Huang Lei, acting as a performance instructor, gave suggestions for Zhang Zifeng’s future path in life:

“Don’t treat acting as a profession, you just listen to me…”

However, Zhang Zifeng, who was sitting aside, obviously had a blank expression.

At that moment, Yixiu seemed to see herself numb after being instilled various ideas by her elders.

Anyone who reads it wants to say: You are really enough!


As a seniority boss in the entertainment industry, Huang Lei has a common problem of his elders-love to preach.

Although he participated in a lot of variety shows and accumulated a lot of popularity, there is always a part of the audience who does not wait to see him.

Even Xie Na, who is not afraid of the sky, admits that the three shadows in her life all come from Huang Lei.

Recalling the experience of being reprimanded by Huang Lei, her eyes were filled with tears.

When participating in “Wonderful Flower Talk”, the contestants talked about the importance of weddings, but Huang Lei made a remark of “no wedding, don’t marry a daughter”, which sparked heated discussion.

There is nothing wrong with expressing his opinions. It is just that he, who always likes to preach, talks endlessly on the show, and frequently interrupts, so that many people are dissatisfied.

When searching for Huang Lei on Douban, most of the popular posts are illicit. Netizens have counted many sins, including the point of preaching.

Perhaps he has caught everyone’s thoughts, and now Huang Lei is gradually correcting the bad habit of preaching in the show, learning to help others in a more comfortable way.

In the program, Zhang Yixing, who was first exposed to tractors, was not well controlled, and Huang Lei watched the whole process, smiling without saying a word.

It wasn’t until Zhang Yixing called for help that Huang Lei gave a suggestion: “You try to drive backwards.”

After successfully controlling, Zhang Yixing sighed: “It’s not easy, Master!”

This kind of moderately silent sense of proportion has won the praise of netizens instead.

But there are still many people who are still obsessed with the identity of “teacher”, and they are not tired of it.

Some time ago, Wang Ou’s performance on “Lang Jie 2” also caused a lot of controversy.

In order to let the sisters have a face, the program group assumes that everyone can raise their hands in the voting session.

I thought that they knew the rules, but when the performance of “Sweet Song Queen” Yang Yuying ended, Wang Ou did not raise his hand.

In an interview afterwards, she called Yang Yuying her childhood role model, and wanted to see her showing a different side.

In the face of the national treasure singer Alan, she blurted out a mediocre expression in front of the other party.

It’s even sharper when it comes to Zhang Xinyu. Wang Ou directly said that she didn’t know what she was dancing.

Many netizens left messages unable to understand Wang Ou’s behavior:

“Wang Ou is really a good teacher, with a high-profile look.”

In fact, speaking honestly is not a bad thing.

But Wang Ou’s specialty is not singing and dancing, but he is pointing to other sisters from above. In this kind of situation, he will only appear that his EQ is too low.

Recently, I revisited “Dear Inn”, and many people said that they envy Liu Tao and Wang Ke’s feelings, which is enough to be grounded.

But there are so few details that make Yixi not feel unhappy.

Liu Tao was out shopping. Because there were too many things and the weather was not good, she decided to hire a ship to carry it back.

When she confided her practice, she received her husband Wang Ke’s eyes rolled: “Aren’t you, people like you will be exhausted by things? This way of handling is incorrect.”

Although Liu Tao had already nodded to cater, Wang Ke continued his preaching without reluctance:

In the end, Liu Tao couldn’t help but broke out.

Under the banner of “good for you”, Wang Ke denied his wife at will from the beginning, and no one can accept it.

There are no two leaves that are exactly the same, and there are no two people who are exactly the same. They grow up in different environments and have different styles of doing things.

There is a saying that goes well: “In the world, it is snowing for everyone, and everyone has their own obscurity and brightness.”

Don’t preach at every turn, even in intimate relationships.

There is a kind of self-righteousness called “being a good teacher.”


There is such a question on Zhihu: what seem to be clever, but actually stupid behavior?

Gao Zan answered that he is a good teacher.

A good teacher, the chicken soup and routines instilled make you seem to have gained a lot, but in the end it ruins your normal life by slapping your face.

In “The First Half of My Life”, a classic character, He Han, has been portrayed as a spiritual mentor, dealing with Tang Jing and Luo Zijun.

His preaching behavior assigns opposing roles to two people who could have conversations on an equal footing: the superior and narcissistic him, and the humble and incompetent me.

When Tang Jing was with He Han, she was always worried about gains and losses, fearing that a better person would appear to replace her.

Although she has already taken her own role in her career and achieved a lot of achievements, she still feels that she is not worthy of love.

For such an elite role as He Han, when many audiences enter their vision, first of all, they do not praise them, but fear to avoid it.

It also confirms that sentence: People who try to demonstrate their abilities through preaching will often run into a wall, which is disgusting.

There is an issue of “Round Table School” in which young female writer Jiang Fangzhou recounted her experience.

On one occasion, she was invited to attend an industry gathering.

At the meeting, an old senior frequently criticized Jiang Fangzhou’s faults, and then told her seriously how to behave in the world, and even put all the big things that could be thought of in front of her.

Jiang Fangzhou said that it was not the first time that she met such a person, but in the past, she would always choose to be a good girl, no matter what the other party said, only answering “yes” or “good”.

But this time, Jiang Fangzhou decided not to bear it anymore, chose to anger the other party and then turned away.

No matter how good the temper is, once he has undergone too much preaching beyond his own tolerance, sooner or later he will have an emotional outburst.

Therefore, a person who is good as a teacher tends to be unwelcome.

They thought that the hand of the gift of rose had a lingering fragrance, but they did not know that the hand of the other party was already full of thorns.

Recently, a topic has appeared on Weibo: #以来人認誰訊你有多沒#.

Click in and take a look. It’s Song Xiaobao’s interview video.

When asked by the media whether he would use his own thoughts and regulations to persuade his brothers when he made a choice between life and career, he answered like this.

Indeed, you have not participated in the growth of others, so what qualifications do you have to guide their lives?

Many “coming people” think that they have seen more of the world, and they boast that they have rich experience and unique insights, and they always put “I think you should…” on their lips.

Why don’t you find someone when you are 30?

If you study this major, you will definitely suffer a lot in the future!

Why do girls read so many books at home? It’s better to marry as soon as possible!

To these people, we can respond with Ran Gaoming’s golden sentence in “Qihua Shuo”:

“Ask him where he can be so clear, he said: You should take care of yourself first.”

The greatest restraint for adults is not to teach others to do things.

Taking care of yourself is the greatest respect for others.


People who like to give pointers are mostly immersed in self-created illusory advantages, and those who truly have deep attainments in a certain field tend to be more open-minded and eager to learn.

Zhang Songwen, the only “zero negative review” in “I’m an Actor”, made Yixiu feel the top personality charm.

When the show progressed to the third issue, Jinsha and Jinzihan collaborated to perform “Thirty Only”. Within a few minutes, the lights went out in the audience.

Jin Sha, who was questioned, admitted frankly that she wanted to regain her identity as an actor on this stage.

Hao Lei commented: “People don’t want to do things that don’t do what they want. I think it’s good for you not to be an actor. Don’t just cross-border.”

The implication is that Jinsha lacks ability.

But Zhang Songwen doesn’t think so: “The career of an actor looks easy, but it is actually full of thorns. Since you want to be an actor, you have to face it with this mentality.”

Most of the judges present were all preaching against Jin Sha based on their own experiences. In contrast, only Zhang Songwen was able to have a humble background.

He is strict with himself, but he does not doubt the purpose of anyone acting, let alone belittle anyone who has a problem with his performance.

In this world, there has never been a shortage of people who sympathize with the weak, but there are very few people who can seize the opportunity to grab them within the limits of their ability.

Zhang Songwen is one of them. That’s why Li Meng’s heartfelt gratitude on the stage came.

Although it is not possible to generalize, I think that everyone who advises you is “relying on the old and selling the old.”

But except for those who really help you, those who keep saying “I’m all for your good”, they always speak only with their mouths and will not bear any consequences for you.

Even if you make a mistake in the end, they will only add one sentence: you believe in what I said at the beginning, don’t you have any own opinions?

There was once a TED talk on the topic “How to Become a Better Interviewer”. The guests elaborated on 10 basic principles of interpersonal communication in turn.

One of them mentioned “don’t be a good teacher”.

A good teacher always looks at everything critically and preaches that he is knowledgeable.

In this era, we need all kinds of people who can provide pointers, but the fewer life mentors, the better.

1. Establish the basic point of being a teacher.

When we want to teach others to do things, we must first face the reality: whether your knowledge and experience are higher than that of the other person, enough to shoulder the important task of “teaching others”.

2. Set the starting point of good faith.

Learn to consider from the other side’s point of view, give reasonable suggestions and kind help, instead of bluffing and imposing your own ideas on others.

There is a saying in the movie “Afternoon”: I have heard a lot of truths, but I still have a bad life.

After all, the way of life is to explore by yourself, don’t use a narrow perspective to aim at the vast life of others.


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