Hu Yitian, Li Yitong’s new play is a bit sweet, Li Xian surprise guest, Wang Anyu takes the master script?

Hu Yitian, Li Yitong’s new play is a bit sweet, Li Xian surprise guest, Wang Anyu takes the master script?

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The long-awaited sister chapter of “Dear, Beloved”, “My Time, Your Time” is finally broadcast. I still remember that in 2019, “Dear, Loved” starring Li Xian and Yang Zi became a hot drama of the year, and the audience’s love for “current boyfriend” was called a enthusiasm. Two years later, the sister chapter “My Time, Your Time” is fighting again. Can it be scheduled for 2021 hot drama?

1. Hu Yitian and Li Yitong are a bit sweet

In “Dear, Loved”, “Tong Yan and his wife” was in place and the audience sprinkled a lot of sugar, and the cp line of Wu Bai and Ai Qing in “My Time, Your Time” came from the same writer, thinking It’s not sweet. Wu Bai, played by Hu Yitian in the play, is a supporting role in “Dear, Loved”, and he is the absolute protagonist in this play.

It’s just that this time, in response to the review, e-sports was adapted into robotics. The heroine Ai Qing played by Li Yitong, as Wu Bai’s enlightenment, is sweet and rusty, even if the background of the story in the play has changed. Does not affect the hero and heroine sprinkling sugar.

In the first episode, the hero and heroine began to sprinkle all kinds of sweets. Wu Bai, played by Hu Yitian, looks cold, but in fact he is tender and weak inside. Knowing that Ai Qing hadn’t arrived at the venue, he rushed into the heavy rain to find Ai Qing, held an umbrella for Ai Qing to keep out the rain, and fed the cat together. Wu Bai also helped Ai Qing refit the remote control.

And the section where Ai Qing wiped Wu Bai’s hair made her aunt laugh. In the heavy rain, both of them were soaked in the rain. At this time, assist 97 arrived at the scene and handed the towel to Ai Qing. Wu Bai saw that there was a piece of tape on his shoe, and when he bent down to tear the tape, Ai Qing’s towel fell off. Because Ai Qing thought that Wu Bai bent over to let her wipe his hair. This wonderful “misunderstanding” was really interesting and sweet, full of romance and ambiguous atmosphere.

In the play, Hu Yitian and Li Yitong stand together at the vent to imitate Marilyn Monroe’s classic bridge. Although Hu Yitian’s scene of blowing bubbles with milk tea is a bit “outrageous”, it does not affect the sweetness of the show. She really loves milk tea. Everyone can have sweet love, but Feng Xiaosheng next door shed sad tears.

2. Li Xian surprise guest appearance

Although “Dear, Loved” is very sweet, the audience has a regret. That is, I did not see the “Tong Yan couple” get married. This time, in the second episode of “My Time, Your Time”, Han Shangyan, played by Lee Hyun, appeared in surprise.

The present boyfriend excited the audience as soon as he appeared on the stage. The Korean business language played by Li Hyun used “violence” against Wu Bai. When he was taking care of Wu Bai in the hospital, he was called uncle by the little girl next door. silly.

The appearance of the current boyfriend also allowed everyone to successfully connect the two dramas. It is said that Yang Zi will also make a cameo in the drama. “Tong Yan and his wife” will become love mentors in the drama, assisting the two heroes and heroines, and will also make it happen. The audience dream of a big wedding, such after-sales I believe the audience will be very satisfied.

3. Wang Anyuba master script

I have to say that “My Time and Your Time” is really a high-profile TV series. In addition to Hu Yitian and Li Xian, the two handsome guys, Wang Anyu, who plays the second male character in the play, Shen Zhe, is also a real handsome guy. In the play, Wang Anyu is not only the main force of Wu Bai’s team, but also Wu Bai’s love strategist, and he will also harvest sweet love.

However, Wang Anyu probably took the mastermind’s script. When he first appeared on the stage, he played a vending machine with his daughter in front of the beverage vending machine. He drank the other party’s drink at close range in front of the second woman and gave the other party a new one. Buying drinks with coins, also said that he was too thirsty.

If it wasn’t for Wang Anyu’s handsome appearance to tell the truth, such a plot would definitely be regarded as a neurosis in reality. After all, this kind of performance is too greasy, and the little brother is afraid that he has not mastered the degree of teasing and oiliness, and he is a bit handsome and handsome.

However, whether Shen Zhe, played by Wang Anyu, can be a good assist depends on how Wang Anyu performs next.

Judging from the plots currently broadcast, although the narrative rhythm of the previous episodes of the show has been a bit slower, the plot is fairly well laid out, and some plots are handled very well. For example, the audience not only saw the fierce battle on the field, but also saw the charm of different characters, especially the Ai Qing played by Li Yitong, which is sweet and sassy, ​​and has a mature and stable temperament, and it is also very good to play with Hu Tiantian. cp sense.

Although I don’t know if this drama can continue the glory of the previous work, judging from the broadcast plot, the quality of this drama can be regarded as a relatively highly completed work in the recent TV series. As long as the following plot keeps up and the rhythm is well grasped, you may still be able to catch the fire. After all, it is really good to see handsome men and beautiful women in career sweet love!


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