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Hu Ge X “Three Kingdoms•Strategic Edition”: When a Kirin Talent Meets the Real Three Kingdoms Original

At 19:00 on September 20, 2020, in the “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” anniversary live broadcast ceremony, well-known actor Hu Ge airborne to the official live broadcast room, as a veteran player who has played for 3 seasons and live broadcast host Wang Jingxin , Strategy Lao Ma launched an in-depth game experience exchange (mutual) flow (怼).

GameRes thought it was another very traditional “Game X Star” marketing campaign for the anniversary time node, until I saw Hu Ge’s “game mentality” and met various friends in the game in the live broadcast. , GameRes discovered that Hu Ge is not a commercial spokesperson, he is really a high-profile player of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”.

Since its launch in 2019, the performance of “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” can be described as a broken one. According to Qimai data, since its launch in September 2019, “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” has long been stable in the iOS best-selling list TOP5.

In an interview with GameRes, Zeng Lingpeng, the publisher of “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition”, said that the reason why “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” has the current market performance is that it has seized the market opportunities of veteran players. Great; on the other hand, the game restores the realistic experience of the ancient war of the Three Kingdoms. In fact, these two points can also be seen in the live broadcast of Hu Ge.

According to the official release of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”, not only Hu Ge, but also many celebrity players in the game: Liushen Leilei, Li Naiwen, Xu Wenguang, Yanyu Jiangnan, Spicy Xiangguo, Shi Hang…

GameRes tried to use Hu Ge’s live broadcast event as the starting point to explore why “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” can successfully break through in the fiercely competitive SLG market in just one year and attract many celebrity players.

Hu Ge: This is not a game, this is a real experience

If you use two words to describe Hu Ge’s live broadcast, it must be “hardcore” and love.

At the beginning of this anniversary live broadcast, Hu Ge described his “history of entering the pit”. He said that because he has always liked the “Three Kingdoms”, he tried to experience the “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” under the introduction of a friend. Soon I became addicted to this game, and it has been three seasons.

Not only has been in the pit for a long time, Hu Ge’s understanding of the game revealed in the live broadcast is definitely a hardcore player, such as the detailed collocation of the “Taoyuan Shield” system, and the upgrade of the palace of the king. Of course, Hu Ge also came from the new stage. According to him, the master in his game is a zero-krypton player, but it is effortless to bring Hu Ge.

After passing the new stage, Hu Ge gradually became a senior player with 5 accounts with completely different positioning. Among them are the “full red” tuba, which the main force cultivates, and the trumpet, which is used for land reclamation, road paving, and undercover. It is worth mentioning that Hu Ge invested more time and energy in the trumpet, because “the generals with the full red account match the same thing, and the mediocre account matches a hundred flowers, you need to use the game mechanics more to win, which is far more than Manhong is much more interesting.

Perhaps it was the experience of one person controlling the five numbers. When talking about the feelings of the “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” game, Hu Ge likened it to “the stage of human nature”: I think it can truly enable us to spread the Three Kingdoms The story, including what can really keep the player in the game world. What is beyond the ambition of strategy? It is loyalty, friendship, and mutual trust. What really allows us to have more gains is the heart. I often try to be an “observer” in the game to observe the performance of each player in the game, which in turn is quite helpful to my career as an actor. “

Hu Ge believes that another fascinating aspect of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” is the connection and management of people in the game. Management is mainly reflected in the management of the alliance in the game. An alliance with hundreds of people is equivalent to a medium-sized enterprise. This is a very large knowledge for managers, which is related to the communication, rationality and sensibility between people. Integration and so on, this series of things have much in common with real life.

The connection between people is embodied in all aspects. There are connections between alliances and alliances, alliances and alliances, all the time. In Hu Ge’s view, the people in the game can build trust and friendship, which is very valuable.

Hu Ge’s series of sharing confirms Hu Ge’s deep understanding of the game content, and also reflects from the side that “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” contains a huge and profound “strategic” gameplay and long-term fun, which is what attracted Hu Ge. The reason for such a celebrity.

Hu Ge said that the longer he played, the more he felt that “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” was not a game:

“I lived with my dad before. He looked at me every day because of the emotional ups and downs of the game. He couldn’t help but say, “You are almost forty years old. How can you play games like a child? Suddenly happy, suddenly unhappy I said you don’t understand Dad, this is not a game, this is a real experience.”

The most authentic Three Kingdoms strategy SLG

Is Hu Ge’s heartfelt love for “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” with the “star halo” just an example? No, he is just an iconic epitome of a large number of celebrity players.

Among the huge elite group of players behind “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”, there are also a large number of stars, Internet celebrities, top stars, such as Lu Chuan, Liushen Leilei, Li Naiwen, Shi Hang, Jiang Chao, Dong Jiayao, Doumei, Da Sima, Zhou Shuyi, etc. Players with a wide range of well-known players, such as the anchors, have been active in the game for a long time as real players of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”.

For example, Shi Hang, a well-known screenwriter and debater in the third season of “The Story of Strange Flowers”, is the “Old Paoer” in “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”. He will share with fans in a witty and humorous way on Weibo almost every other time. What I saw and heard in “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”.

At the beginning of the new season of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” at the end of August, Shi Hang confided his in-game “whereabouts” to fans in a casual chat. He said that “I used to be mixed in Xiliang, and it was not so smooth”, so Choosing to go to Yonghe in the new season, crazy hinting fans to join his “entrepreneurial” army.

In addition, GameRes also discovered that in the first game player documentary “My Ally Who Are You” recently launched in “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”, six big names, led by well-known actor Li Naiwen, described their relationship with “Three Kingdoms” on the program. The indissoluble bond of “Strategy Edition”.

In the first interview, Li Naiwen shared with the audience the story of his “siege” in the crew. In Li Naiwen’s view, truthfulness, bloodiness, and brain-burning are the three major keywords that can interpret the core appeal of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”. The real situation in the game, alliances and cooperation, and deep brotherhood are the elements he has always adhered to. The reason in the game.

“Who are you my ally” Chapter 1

It can be found that a large number of celebrity KOLs headed by Hu Ge are immersed in the game world of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” and cheer for their platforms one after another. This scene is not common in the game field.

Perfect interpretation of “Oriental War Art”

Before the appearance of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”, the public’s impression of SLG basically remained based on the many “COK-Like” games created based on the “Western War” model. Called the “Law of the Jungle” in the West.

This is very different from the core of the Eastern War. From straw boats with arrows to grass and trees as soldiers, from seven heroes fighting for hegemony, from uniting to the yellow robe to add body, drinking wine to release military power, the core of the Eastern War is always the word in strategy. Under the inheritance of Eastern culture, what players want to do more is to become a crouching dragon and phoenix, strategizing, step by step, and win the world; instead of relying on force to crush and reach the sky one step at a time.

Blindly catering to other cultural propositions, without its own characteristics, it lacks cultural identity. The publisher and producer Zeng Lingpeng believes, “The positioning of “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” is that cultural and entertainment products must truly respect the classics, understand the classics, and insist on self-confidence in aesthetics.” Adhering to this design concept, we can see such “Three Kingdoms” ·Strategy Edition: A work that truly comprehends the core of the Eastern War art, a game that is different from Western-style resources as the king, and combat power is crushed.

Under this design concept, the locations of the most important mountains, rivers and cities in the sand table map of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” have been restored in accordance with the historical records of the Three Kingdoms period. The real terrain in the game, and the relative awareness of the gameplay mechanism, such as the encounter between two soldiers, gave birth to a variety of tactics. For example, building a city at a narrow intersection between two mountains to block the intersection will hinder the enemy’s large-scale attack. Similar tactics are impossible in Western-style SLG products.

Specific to the setting of “game goals”, COK-Like game adopts “active” goal design based on “numerical drive” as the main line. Players only need to “become stronger” in the game and follow the system all the way. The various activities provided can be used to strengthen oneself. The disadvantage of this design concept is that the core experience of the game often becomes “numerical hedging”, on the contrary, there is not much “strategic space”.

In sharp contrast to this set of logic, “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” chose a “sandbox” target design. The game provides players with only one “attack Luoyang” target, and will not give players in the process. Too much guidance gives the game a high degree of freedom. Players need to think and choose during the game process, and they need to pay attention to “socializing” and grouping with other comrades instead of just personal growth.

According to GameRes, such a design not only weakens the rigid “numerical sense” of the game, but also greatly strengthens the “strategic” and “social” of the game.

Finally, in terms of the differentiation of “gameplay mechanism”, in COK-Like games based on “numerical drive”, players can often achieve unlimited growth with the help of continuously launched new expansions and new development systems, further strengthening the “rule of the jungle” “The cruel nature of “, in the general trend of the strong getting stronger and weaker eliminated, some waist and tail players quickly lost.

With “strategy” as the core orientation, “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”, nested is the “seasonal” gameplay, just like a 90-day large MOBA game, maintaining a relatively fair confrontation environment. Under the premise of fairness, players have the same starting point, and the variability of gameplay is dominated by a variety of novel gameplays. This creates a changeable strategy, which requires consideration of macro layout, geopolitics, and integration. A high degree of freedom battlefield with various strategies.

For this reason, the SLG game with guns and numerical interpretation of the core of Western warfare, in the eyes of many Eastern men, is far less attractive than the “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” that relies on strategy and brain.

In the live broadcast, the host asked Hu Ge: If you recommend our “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” to people around you in one sentence, how would you describe it?

Hu Ge: Not a game,

Moderator: Not a game?

Hu Ge: It’s a real experience. My own personal feeling. At the beginning, I treated it as a game, and I participated in it, but after a long time, I didn’t treat it as a game. It’s another life.


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