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Hu Ge and Liu Yifei have an extraordinary relationship. After fans dismissed the rumors, netizens cried: I just hope this gossip comes true

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Speaking of the handsome men and beauties in the entertainment industry, I can’t finish it for a while, but it’s just such a person of good looks and figure who can’t fall in love or get married for their own business. If it’s an actor, it’s okay, if idol steps on these two points, it is inevitable that the career will be blocked. Lu Han is a good example.

But in fact, there are still some people in the entertainment circle, who were everyone’s idols a long time ago, and now they have achieved fame, but the emotional problem has not been resolved, and the entire network is anxious. Among them, the actors in the “Sword” crew are like this. Hu Ge, as the male number one, has witnessed the weddings of Liu Shishi, Tang Yan, Huo Jianhua, Yuan Hong and others. Only he is a golden single dog. Similarly, Liu Yifei, as a recognized “Sister of the Immortal”, can be said to have the same illness as Hu Ge, and the two outstanding people have never found a suitable partner.

However, a recent news came out that scared people to reflect. A blogger said that Hu Ge and Liu Yifei had a shocking relationship-the two were married as early as 2020, just because they are both very close. It was low-key, and didn’t want to take up public resources so the news was not announced.

After the gossip was released, it caused a thousand waves of waves on the Internet. Many netizens said they couldn’t believe it. But this year, the big melons in the entertainment circle have long posted netizens on uniforms. Zheng Shuang can have troubles. What else can’t be true? As early as 2005, the collaboration between the two of “Legend of Sword and Fairy One” caused many audiences to smash CP. After the filming of the play ended, Hu Ge did not react from Liu Yifei’s offensive appearance in the interview, and directly stated that “she is too beautiful”, which was expected to be praised. It feels like she’s just a little fairy who doesn’t eat fireworks in the world. It’s very contradictory to see her as a box lunch.

Since old Hut thinks the gods are beautiful, what can’t they do if they come together? Unfortunately, not long after the news came out, the informant deleted the post himself, and Liu Yifei’s fans also urgently refuted the rumors. Obviously, the melon between the two was fake.

However, more people who eat melon can’t help but sigh, why this news can’t be true? I have never so hoped that the two of them are really getting the proof. No way, it’s normal for netizens to think like this. When “Sword of the Immortal” was broadcast, everyone was still watching the TV series to pass the time. The show became a classic in the hearts of the post-90s generation with its wonderful plot and wonderful performance of the actors. Whether it is the show or the actors, it is in everyone’s heart. All have very important positions. The ending of Brother Xiaoyao and Sister Ling’er that are separated from each other forever, for many years, the audience’s minds have been unbalanced. The two did not have a good ending in the play. Of course, it is great that they can achieve a positive result outside the play.

In addition, both of them are now very good. Liu Yifei can star in “Mulan” and win LV’s endorsement; Hu Ge’s TV series are now excellent, and the carefully prepared works such as “Flowers” are waiting for him, which is enough to show that the strength is extraordinary . They both match in strength and appearance, so why not come together?

Of course, the news is fake at the moment, and the two have not come together. Some fans are thankful, while others regret it. But no matter what, I hope they can find a partner who suits them. That’s it for the news that the little white dog’s film and television spinning wants to share, let’s see you next time~



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