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A bus driver in India was shocked when a controller fined him for not collecting a ticket from a bird sitting on a window.

The incident happened when an unidentified 44-year-old driver was driving a bus belonging to the carrier Tomil Nadu State Ellavadi.

He drove the bus to a checkpoint, inspectors boarded the bus to check to make sure all the passengers on the bus had paid the full fare.

Controllers then noticed a bird sitting in an open window and a drunk man about 45 years old talking to it.

  The bus driver is fined for not collecting the fare for the bird sitting on the window

The controller asked the bus driver if he would collect the fare from this bird.

When the bus driver said that he did not collect money from the bird, he was fined for letting the animal into the bus without collecting the fare.

By law, passengers with 30 or more animals are required to pay an additional fee.

The bus driver said that until now he still did not understand why he was fined.


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