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There is usually a very big wool bun at the top? The lollipop sticks often have a small hole … Are the highlights on these items beautiful or hidden inside them are what interesting uses? Let’s find out together.

1. Why is there usually a round wool bun at the top?

What is this wool tuft used for

Round tufts on woolen hats first appeared on helmets of French soldiers in the 18th century. Now these round tufts are used to help soldiers avoid hitting the ceiling because the ceiling is too low. .

An image of a woolen tuft on a beret by an ancient officer

Later, other countries used round buns on their hats to divide the regiments. In each regiment, the hats will have wool buns of different colors so they can easily recognize which part of the army the soldier belongs to.

For now, the wool buns on the hats are for decoration purposes only

For now, the wool buns on the hats are for decoration purposes only.

2. What is the hole in the lollipop stick used for?

What is the hole in the lollipop stick for?

When you eat the lollipop, if you notice you will see on the body of the candy stick there is a small hole, is that hole to prevent the eater from choking if swallowed … This is actually not.

The process of producing lollipops

In fact, this hole is used to prevent the candy from falling out during the manufacturing process. When making candies, the stick is placed first, then the liquid candy is poured back. The candy after being poured in will flow into the hole, when the candy hardens, the candy in the hole will fix the candy so that it will not fall out during packaging or eating.

3. Why are folding lines on the pants?

Why are there folds on the leggings

These folds are actually not found on the pants when manufactured. But in the late 19th century, garment factories exported clothing and to be able to transport as much clothing as possible had to re-stuff as many clothes into one package as possible. Over a very long time, floating at sea in such a state, the creases in the pants appeared and there was no way to remove it.

Now these folds are "cherished" as an indispensable part of the pants

And today, we still see the creases appearing on the trousers, and this detail creates a highlight and brings a distinct fashion to the outfit.

4. Why are there colored lines at the bottom of toothpaste tube?

What these color lines mean

According to some rumors on the Internet, the colored lines on the toothpaste are the identifying mark of the ingredients inside it, which is:

  • Blue: Cream of natural ingredients added with some herbs
  • Green: contains only natural ingredients
  • Red: natural ingredients with added chemicals
  • Black: chemical only

But in fact, these rumors are completely not true. During the manufacturing process, these barcodes make it possible for machines to accurately identify creases so that they can cut or fold ice cream tubes when they are packed on high-speed lines. Then the light sensors of the mechanical system will read and position the cutting position through these colored lines.

It's just something to mark where to cut and fold ice cream

The reason they come in different colors is because they are packaged through different systems and packaging, depending on the sensor. And there are not only 4 types of colors as above.

5. What is the bottom pocket of the female chip pants used for?

What is the bag under the bottom of the female chip pants

With chip pants for women, manufacturers always sew two layers under the crotch. The fabric in the pants is often made of cotton to keep the pants dry and ventilated for the user. At this bottom, sometimes people sew all 4 sides of the pants, but there are places where only 3 edges are sewn to save production time and cost. So, if we pay attention, we will see that the crotch has a pocket, the other is not.

6. What is the diamond shaped plastic / rubber piece on the travel backpack used for?

Some travel bags will have these special plastic pieces

Some backpack models, travel bags will have these special plastic pieces. This plastic pad makes it possible to hang shoes when you need to go swimming or camping equipment while traveling. That is its main use.

Simply used to hang shoes while traveling

Have fun!


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