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During a press conference yesterday, Mr. Vishnu Nath, director of the Microsoft Mobile user experience management program, officially announced Android’s inline and direct text message response from Notifications shown on Windows PCs coming out this week for Windows 10 Insider users.

In particular, the new SMS inline reply feature has been designed by Microsoft to allow Android smartphone users to easily reply to text messages sent to their phones right on their screens. Windows calculator without having to open a pre-existing application.

  • Windows 10 computers must remove a USB or external memory card to be able to upgrade to Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Actually this feature has been cherished and developed by the Your Phone team for a long time. As described by Analy Otero Diaz – a senior software administrator at Microsoft, Your Phone app will now be equipped with an Emoji button designed to help users easily add emojis to text, Exclusive for those who are unfamiliar with the shortcut “Windows +.”.

Actually this feature has been cherished and developed by the Your Phone team for a long time.

  • Windows 10 May 2019 Update requires up to 32GB of free hard drive space when installing

In addition, Microsoft will introduce contact photos on the Your Phone app for Windows Insiders this week. According to Analy Otero Diaz engineer, this quite interesting feature will work by automatically assigning contact photos from the address book (contacts) on the user’s Android device to the contacts displayed. in the Your Phone app on Windows. With that being said, with the feature rolling out earlier this week, some Windows Insiders users should already be able to get an additional update.

This pretty cool feature will work by automatically assigning a contact photo from the user's address book (contacts) on the user's Android device.

  • Microsoft removed the tab-splitting feature of Sets window from Windows 10

Last week, Microsoft also added a category of phones to the PC notification synchronization feature with the ability to configure per app, allowing users to view smartphone notifications on their desktop computers. Windows desk in real time, and can easily customize whatever information they want to sync with their PC. In addition, this new notification synchronization feature will also allow users to view all smartphone notifications in one place, as well as delete notifications individually or delete all at once. at.

However, to use these features, Microsoft requires Insiders to be using “mobile phones running Android version 7.0 (Nougat) or higher” with at least 1GB of RAM and Windows computers must be running. build 1803 (RS4) or later ”.

Microsoft's Your Phone app was introduced during the Build developer conference in May 2018

  • Computer encountered many strange phenomena after upgrading Windows 10 April Update

Microsoft’s Your Phone app was introduced during the Build developer conference in May 2018, then delivered to Insiders on July 31 with the launch of the Windows version. 10 Insider Preview Build 17728 (Redstone 5), and also officially tested as part of the Surface event that took place last October.

You can access the full versions of Your Phone app update link on the Microsoft support site. Thus, it can be seen that at the time of its launch, this application only possessed the ability to access and transfer photos. Until a few months later, Microsoft added support for sending text messages and emulating the Android device screen on Windows 10 PC. And this time there are advanced message management replies.


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