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At the Google I / O 2019 event, Google surprised the tech world by introducing an extremely interesting new feature on Android Q. That is the Live Captions feature, capable of translating audio or video in time. in real time in the form of subtitles, it even works with chat applications.

When users enable this feature, videos or audio running from all applications such as YouTube, Instagram to Facebook on the phone will be translated into the language of choice in real time.

Live Captions even works with videos or audio you take yourself and video chat apps like Skype and Google Duo.

According to Google, the Live Captions feature will help remove the language barrier. In addition, this feature also helps people with hearing impairment can understand the content better.

Live Captions will help fade language barriers

Live Captions works thanks to machine learning on the phone, so even without the Internet it still fulfills its task well. Users can transfer translation in black frame to any point on the phone for the best experience.

Even if the phone does not turn on the volume, Live Captions can analyze the data from the source for normal operation, but the translation versions will not be saved.

To access Live Captions, users press the volume button on the phone, an icon will appear when you adjust the volume. Android Q will turn this feature off by default and you must install it again.


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