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Mid-Autumn Festival is considered a day for children, on this day, children will be bought by parents for their favorite toys such as masks, water guns, star lights, fairy wings … With that toy, you can also learn how to tie bunny ears for girls to dress up in mid-autumn night!

How to tie rabbit ears for babies to bounce off Mid-Autumn Festival

Many people when it comes to hair ties often think that they only need to spend a little money to buy a collection at the market. This is true, but sometimes the market does not sell the models you like. So, please take some time to show your ingenuity to the little princess.


  • Rags are the color to match your outfit, don’t use too soft fabric.
  • Simple elastic filament, the same color as your hair
  • Needle, thread, scissors, paper, iron, …

How to do it as follows

Step 1:

Make a bow on the paper

First, use a card to draw on your favorite bow pattern. The size you can choose, and in our making model, using the length of the bow (rabbit ears) is 22cm, the length of the fold is 4cm.

After drawing the bow pattern and the size you like, you use scissors to cut the paper and apply them to the cloth to cut.

Step 2:

Attach both ends and sew to the shape

Next, put the 2 left sides of the fabric together and sew or sew them together. Remember to leave 2-3cm to make sure stitches and when finished, turn the fabric back.

Step 3:

Turn left to right

Next, turn the left side to the right side, so that the fabric is evenly stretched, using a sharp stick to push the corners of the rabbit ears.

Step 4:

Use a hair tie to tie the bow

The last step is to take the elastic hair tie to tie it in the middle of the bow.

With this very simple way you can create lovely hair ties for your daughter to use every day. You can use many different colors and fabric patterns to make rabbit ears bows for your baby to look rich!

The results are lovely bows

Hope you are succesful.


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