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Google Maps is known to be the most useful and popular online tool available today in helping us search for places around the globe. However, sometimes the massive map database of Google Maps “heartless“Show users the many weird nooks and nooks of the world that you never thought would happen. If you have a rich imagination and the mind of a detective then this might be a solution. a great mind for you.

We have found it The 14 most controversial images found on Google Maps confuse you. One of them is explained by science, while another is still hidden by mystery.

1. Coca Cola logo on the mountain

Coca Cola logo on the mountain@google​

The largest Coca-Cola logo in the world is executed on a mountain slope near the city of Arica, Chile. This logo was created to celebrate Coca-Cola’s 100th anniversary in 1986 with 70,000 empty Coca-Cola bottles.

2. Mysterious pyramid discovered in Antarctica

Mysterious pyramid discovered in Antarctica@google​

The pyramid structure hidden in the Antarctic snow is still causing controversy in public opinion. Supporters of this theory claim that this was due to the Third Reich’s extreme involvement in Antarctica. Besides, many theories suggest that this may be a remnant of the legendary Atlantis empire.

3. Yachts are located among skyscrapers

Yachts are located among tall skyscrapers@google​

In fact, “yacht“This is a shopping mall in Hong Kong. This yacht looks great and stands out 100 times more when it lights up at night.

4. Footprint of a giant

Footprint of a giant@google​

This giant footprint-like bizarre maze is located in a small village near Hampshire, UK. It is the longest maze in England at about 377 feet (almost equal to 115 meters).

5. Gulliver on the roof

Gulliver on the roof@google​

This is one of the world’s most exotic children’s playgrounds located in Valencia, Spain. With its unique layout, secret passageways and a wide bench for parents, the structure looks like an amusement park.

6. How to take revenge on your neighbor’s “ahole”

How to take revenge on your neighbor's @google​

The quarrel between the two neighbors began in 2009, where one of them introduced a strange trick to avenge the opponent: he cut it into words “AHOLE“On a field with arrows pointing at a neighbor’s house with a hint of insults. It’s creative, isn’t it?

7. “Alien” cat

"Alien" cat@google​

Cat image “alien“This is believed to be up to 9,000 years old. It is located in one of the driest places in the world – the Atacama Desert, where there hasn’t been any rain for centuries. One theory is that. This cat has “background“From another world, however, until now, the origin of the above figure is still unknown.

8. Huge airplane collection

Huge airplane collection@google​

The huge collection of old and new planes that you are seeing, juxtaposed in an Air Museum airport in Belgrade. Visitors can go sightseeing around airplanes like “Tiny“and see with your own eyes every detail. It is known that this museum owns more than 200 aircraft, including fragments of fighter aircraft”Stealth“of the United States and the F-16.

9. Salt factory

Salt factory@google​

This is a small village in Niger where 50 households live and their main job is to extract salt from mud ponds. Each pond is filled with water, in which salt is placed in special clay pieces. The brine is then filtered and filtered. Salt crystals can be seen after the water evaporates.

10. Turkish flag

Turkish flag@google​

The giant flag of the Republic of Turkey is found on the slopes of the Kyrenia Mountains, Republic of Cyprus (Cyprus). You can see the motto of the republic next to the flag: “How happy someone says: I am Turkish!“This is a statement that appeared in the politician’s speech Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, which takes place during the 10th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.

11. Alien spaceship

Alien spaceship@google​

Looks like an alien spaceship landed in Texas right? In fact, this is just a tourist attraction, designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuonen in the 60s of the last century. This architecture is called Futuro House with the hope that this will be a model home in the future. Up to now, there are about 30 Futuro Houses in the world.

12. Antarctica separates South America

Antarctica separates South America@google​

This is a problem detected on Google Maps controversial. Some scientists believe that the separation of these two continents is caused by a giant asteroid colliding with the Earth.

13. The man waving in Australia

The man waved at Australia@google​

In fact, this image of a cheerful man waving at is a common children’s pontoon bridge in the Gold Coast, Australia. And it’s part of a children’s theme park nearby.

14. Giant crab

Giant crab©

Satellite images that recorded a giant crab drifting on the Whitstable coast, Kent, England, immediately went viral when receiving the attention and sharing online from netizens. This crab measures 50 ft (more than 15 meters) should be favored with the nickname “Crabzilla“.

Google’s secret working facility on Mars

Google's secret working facility on Mars© google

Google confuses users with a mysterious space built in endless deserts. Some even claim that this is a working facility built on Mars captured by camera. However, if you look closely inside this room, it is clear that this is just a Google data center.

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