HTC should not go all out and hope it is a long-term solution

Will you see if HTC might try to make a nostalgic-driven comeback. This is what many of us in Android Authority want, and I’m sure many of our readers will be happy with it. But before we get too excited, negative Jimmy needs to pay off and ask if this is the right choice.

I care about HTC. I do! At least, I used to support it as a smartphone. I miss the days when HTC was a strong contender for Samsung in the US flagship market. Although I want to see HTC become the top product again, I don’t want HTC to waste money because it’s not sure if there will be many people who will buy it, which is not on the transformed phone line.

HTC brings nostalgia back in the right place

Drew Bamford, head of HTC Creative Labs, recently asked Twitter on which classic HTC phone the company should use the latest technology. It was followed by a large number of reviews, people recalled almost every model HTC ever made.

The HTC One M7 definitely came up with a lot. At the time, it was one of the best-designed phones on the market and one of the first phones with front-facing stereo speakers. This is a big deal in 2013. After that, the One M8 is an excellent follow-up to the already good smartphone. Many people have told Banford that they will buy the updated One M8.

However, we cannot forget the classic HTC phones, such as One X, Droid Incredible and Droid DNA. People especially like the rugged industrial design of the One X. My favorite is the soft DNA on the back. Remember, this is the day when every phone is made of glass or metal, and HTC phones are the best in terms of design.

What I want to say is that HTC can revive more classic mobile phones and return to the market with 2019 design and specifications. But nostalgia is more than just buying back a classic phone.

Enlightenment of the game

Part of the nostalgia of the HTC brand is because of its excellence. It used to be great, but there were few signs of old HTC. This is partly due to the fact that Google purchased thousands of employees from HTC’s R & D team in 2017. This Taiwanese company does not have real resources or capital as before.

Things got rocky, however, it didn’t take long for Google to step up that HTC 10 was a good follow-up downturn for an M9, although it struggled against the fantastic competition Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. HTC then introduced the low-priced U Ultra in 2017, shifting gears. Although U11 is an excellent phone and a step in the right direction, the follow-up of HTC U12 Plus in 2018 is a nightmare. (Those pressure buttons!)

As a result of all these mistakes, HTC lost many things that made the company so good so many years ago. U-series phones look good, but they are slippery and super fragile. We all like what happened to the wonderful metal design language of the One M7 / M8 series. The company is also slow to adopt major design trends, such as large displays with the smallest bezels, but it quickly became user-independent Features, such as removing the headphone jack. The company has also given up entirely on software improvements.

Before HTC plans to nostalgic trains, it needs to understand the basics correctly. The company is unable to release the remodeled One M7 and expects people to buy it if it is not a competing phone for 2019/2020. In other words, people will not plan to buy an improved One M7 if they encounter the same problems that plagued HTC’s recent phones: outdated software, annoying buttons, and weaker battery life.

HTC should seek inspiration from OnePlus here. For everything you may not like OnePlus, the company shows a lot of restrictions (until recently), not releasing too many phones every year. Instead, it focuses on making small improvements to ensure that every new iteration has many thoughtful updates that make people want to upgrade. OnePlus focuses on making the basics correct without chewing too much.

Checking the “Nostalgia box” is a short-term, not a long-term solution

Sorry, just bringing back the One M7 will not save the company. Although we want to do this, we cannot save it with this name alone. HTC has a lot of work to do to make up for its past violations, but I’m not sure if it has the resources to do it. If our guess is true, and HTC does release a new flagship phone, can we trust that the phone will receive software updates in a timely manner? Can the phone be sold at a reasonable price? Customer support? For many years, HTC has been in these Track record in the field is uneven.

Nostalgia is an interesting game: it keeps people talking for weeks / months, but is this a long-term solution? I would say no if it doesn’t have a solid foundation at all.

The new HTC phone does not need to be a transcript of the old One series phone to allow people to speak-it needs to have a reason to exist, and it needs to provide much more functionality than the original “Oh, remember which M7? That is really Beauty “response.

As things stand, we don’t know if the company is considering re-upgrading classic phones. After all, Tweet from Drew Bamford might just be entertainment. But when the head of the Creative Labs department asks a similar question in a public forum, we need to at least entertain the idea.

HTC wants to make high-end phones again, and I hope so. I just want more features, instead of taking old names on a new phone and calling every day.

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