HP Prodesk 400 G7 SFF: a high-performance compact synchronous computer - VnReview

HP Prodesk 400 G7 SFF: a high-performance compact synchronous computer – VnReview

With a compact design, strong performance, flexible upgradeability, military-grade durability and security, the HP Prodesk 400 G7 is the right sync computer for businesses.

Completely new design: seamless and increased efficiency

HP Prodesk 400 G7 is a completely new design compared to the previous generation G6 since the paint color, connectivity and design style even though it is still a compact form (SFF – small form factor). The entire body is painted in strong matte black and the front grille is painted in uniform black. The location of the concealed ODD optical drive cleverly matches the surrounding areas. Front-facing USB A ports have been increased from 2 to 4, including 2 standard 10 Gbps ports for high speed data sharing and 2 ports of 480 Mbps for traditional devices.

Powerful configuration options, easy to expand

Performance and scalability are always the top priority when using desktop computers. HP understands that very well when it equips the Prodesk 400 G7 with the latest and most advanced technologies to meet your workflow needs. The 10th generation Intel Core I processor with high performance, good software compatibility combined with the ability to expand memory up to 64GB quickly handles all work.

Dual storage memory, including HDD 3.5 and m2, SSD NVME flexibility ensures both increasing processing speed and good storage. In particular, the HP Prodesk 400 G7 also supports high-speed PCIe slot expansion for expansion devices such as discrete graphics processors or network devices, and an optional 1-port expansion according to usage requirements.

US military performance standards, high-class security

The powerful computer is also durable. The HP Prodesk 400 G7 undergoes 12,000 hours of performance tests, meeting multiple MIL-STD 810G US military performance standards. The high-performance 10th Gen Intel Core I processor on the brand new Q470 business chipset platform, suitable for high-intensity corporate environments that require constant responsiveness. Security, which is HP’s strength, is now further enhanced when equipping the HP Prodesk 400 G7 with AI technology that combines 3-level dedicated security including BIOS, OS and post-OS to protect businesses from sources bad information and data.

Products distributed by Synnex FPT and warranty genuine HP Vietnam.

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