HP claims to seize fake ink worth more than $ 7 million in Southeast Asia

HP claims to seize fake ink worth more than 7 million USD in Southeast Asia – VnReview

During the past 15 months, HP's anti-counterfeit and fraudulent program has seized many fake ink products with a total value of up to 7,177 million USD in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

HP has just announced the results of anti-counterfeiting and fraud (Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud, ACF), one of the efforts to raise awareness about the severity of fake ink market. in Southeast Asia.

The program is designed with the purpose of counteracting the production and distribution of inkjet and counterfeit laser ink. HP said that during the past 15 months, ACF has seized a large number of counterfeit products with a total value of up to 7,177 million USD (about 167 billion dong).

According to a report on the problem of counterfeiting global brands, counterfeit ink is a business that has earned over $ 1.2 trillion in 2017, and is expected to increase to $ 1.82 trillion by 2020. .

To counteract this situation, HP collaborated with authorities to carry out more than 17 tests and 5 seizures across Southeast Asian countries. Products confiscated include many ink tanks that have been finished and a series of counterfeit packaging and labels.

Counterfeit print products have caused serious damage to both consumers and businesses. The use of counterfeit ink causes the failure of printing equipment, while also depriving the manufacturer of warranty benefits for the device's hardware. Not only that, this also indirectly leads to a drop in revenue and an increase in downtime (unnecessary time) for businesses.

HP said it regularly conducts inspections at ink production facilities to fight to protect the legitimate interests of businesses and consumers. These efforts contribute to limiting the misuse of counterfeit ink and laser inks and slowing the market access of counterfeit ink production facilities.

In addition to counterfeiting and inspection activities, HP also provides a Customer Delivery Inspection (CDI) delivery inspection program for medium and large-sized businesses that helps them tighten management. goods during shipping.

HP claims to seize fake ink worth more than $ 7 million in Southeast Asia

At the same time, HP also proactively protects partners and consumers from unauthorized ink supplies with Channel Partner Protection Audits (CPPA). Overcoming the CPPA test, HP ink supply partners can confidently work with their customers. With these efforts, HP expects that its customers and partners can be completely safe when using 100% genuine ink from HP.

Through the ACF program, HP hopes to contribute to protecting businesses from the risks posed by fake ink. To buy genuine ink products from HP, companies can follow some guidelines:

– Be wary of suspicious sales methods such as wholesale on online auction sites, or offer too low prices compared to other units.

– Buy only from HP authorized distributors / agents, do not become victims of counterfeit goods.

– Indicate the requirement to buy genuine HP products when ordering or bidding.


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