Howl’s voice actors will appear in Doraemon’s 2020 movie!

Recently, the human resources for the movie Doraemon – Nobita and the new dinosaur (Eiga Doraemon: Nobita no Shin Kyoryuu) have introduced new guest actors that will appear in this project. Takuya Kimura, an actor who used to play Howl, is the third voice acting in his life.

Takuya Kimura will play Gil, a guy who looks like a monkey. Observe the actions of the Nobita group and hold a secret about the island.

Mr. Children will also perform another theme song.

This is the first time in Doraemon’s movie history that there are two theme songs in a work.


The story begins when Nobita accidentally picked up the two dinosaurs, Kyu and Myu. The movie has a similar title to “Doraemon Movie: Nobita’s Dinosaur,” but this will be a completely different story. The main movie is Doraemon’s 40th film and celebrates 50 years of its original production.

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