How your smartwatch can help detect Covid-19

How your smartwatch can help detect Covid-19

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Smartwatches can be great allies in the early detection of coronavirus. Several studies have shown that, by detecting changes in heartbeat a week before people feel sick, these devices helped with early detection and the adoption of preventive measures to prevent the situation from getting worse. See how this method works.

A recent study, conducted at the Icahn School of Medicine, at Mount Sinai University, in the United States, found that a smartwatch was able to detect changes in a person’s heartbeat a week before he showed the first symptoms of Covid-19. For this experiment, all participants used Apple Watches, but any watch with an oximeter can be a health ally.

In general, devices like Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, Garmin and Fitbit are able to identify changes in the heart rate of people who will later show symptoms of the coronavirus. So it is worth understanding how to identify Covid-19 signals with a smartwatch.

Important: this tutorial does not say that all cases of Covid-19 can be prevented or detected with the use of a smartwatch. However, this device can be one of the allies in the early detection of the problem.

How the smartwatch can help identify Covid-19

Smartwatches have many features, including a pulse oximeter, which measures blood oxygen levels and helps identify pneumonia symptoms and other coronavirus-related conditions.

The oximeter measures the amount of oxygen transported in the body. That is why its use is so important in times of a coronavirus pandemic.

A level of oxygen saturation 95% is considered normal for most healthy people. A 92% level already indicates oxygen deficiency, which affects the body’s tissues.

The smartwatch can also detect changes in people’s heart rates, which change days before the patient demonstrates the initial symptoms of Covid-19. Thus, it is easier to isolate yourself and take measures to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Now that you know how the smartwatch helps to detect Covid-19, how about knowing some models equipped with a heart rate meter and oximeter?

Smartwatches equipped with oximeter

Amazfit Band 5 Smartwatch

This Smartwatch is ideal for those who want to monitor health and sleep. It offers oxygen saturation monitor and heart rate record, with long battery life. He also communicates with Alexa, Amazon’s assistant.

It is equipped with an automatic detection system, which is always in tune with the user’s body. With it, it is possible to obtain data on heart rate, sleep schedule, physical exercise, calories burned and blood oxygen levels, with controlled results via the application.

Its value on Amazon is R $ 224.60.

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip U Smartwatch

The Xiaomi Amazfit Bip U smartwatch is equipped with Bluetooth and long battery life. It also has a cardiac and sleep monitor, with oximeter, calorie counter and steps, providing complete information about the person’s last 24 hours.

One of the most economical models and with a variety of features in the segment, this watch also allows the user to access their social networks and take care of their health. In addition, it has anti-fall design.

At Amazon, it can be purchased for R $ 417.00. The link is this.

Garmin Forerunner 235 Heart Monitor Watch

This watch has a pulse sensor that monitors caloric expenditure, counts steps, beats and blood oxygen level. It also has GPS, calendar, stopwatch, night light and target zone alarm.

Aimed at sports enthusiasts, it has an automated system, which provides records on various body data, including hours of sleep, daily steps, distance, calories, etc. Through the application, it is possible to download reports in real time on body monitoring.

On Amazon, it is on sale for R $ 1,819.00.

Apple Watch Series 6 Smartwatch

With a great price, this smartwatch is one of the most complete on the market and can be fully integrated with Apple devices. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Integrated GPS, as well as oximeter and cardiac monitor. You can also answer calls and send messages.

The Apple Watch Series 6 allows you to see blood oxygen levels through a sensor, which also emits electrocardiogram data at any time of the day. The LED lights on the sensor vary in color to respond to a certain meter, which makes for more accurate monitoring of daily activities. It also helps to measure hours of sleep and improve the quality of hours of rest.

At Amazon, this smartwatch can be purchased for R $ 3,430.00.

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