How to write UPU letters, presenting international letters UPU

How to write UPU letters, presenting international letters UPU

If you do not know how to write UPU letters to participate in the UPU lettering contest in 2016. Read this article by ElectrodealPro to better understand the rules of the contest as well as how to get a warm, responsive letter. To meet a need is meaningful to yourself.

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UPU letter writing is the annual competition of the World Postal Union. The way to write UPU letters is quite strict, you cannot use Word or other drafting software to write letters but must write by hand. Articles Copy, copied or typed with Word will be disqualified.

upu writing methods

When technology is taking over, people are getting used to it how to send mail the way of writing UPU letters is completely different. This contest contributes to increasing children’s writing abilities and creativity.

Instructions on how to write upu letters, presenting international letters upu

Find out the topic of the contest: Write a letter to yourself at age 45. Find out the requirement of the lesson according to the content of the questions asked such as:

– Who wrote the letter?
– What content to write about?
– To whom ?: Send the letter to yourself at the age of 45.

Language and tone:

Clear, easy to understand, it is necessary to change the voice according to each content: If a paragraph is used for reasoning, it must be written clearly, concisely and concisely, with exact words. Any paragraph that is inclined to express emotions is written in a flexible way, using soft, emotional words.

2016 upu collection

Step 1: Writing article, How to write UPU letter.

– Composing: Each piece, each section is linked together.
– Find relevant details, pictures, words.
– Find a way to open the article, close the article so that it is natural, unique, impressive.
– Find ways to express: Pay attention to language, use figurative expressions, images, rhetorical measures, comparison, affirmation, questioning …

Step 2: Write according to outlines outlined.
Step 3: Read, correct, and complete the letter and put it in the envelope.
Step 4: Write fully the information content of the sender and recipient with postal code (112815) on the envelope, seal and stamp.

Above is how to write UPU letters to children. Please read carefully how to write UPU letters and join this useful contest, this will be an opportunity for students to improve their knowledge, practice their writing skills to firmly step into the future. Parents of students with young children should also consult how to write a letter of absence from school It is valid in case of family having unexpected business needing to take leave from school for their children.

Once you have studied the content above, you can go in Write a letter about your hero to strengthen your knowledge of these literary contents and this is also an important topic in UPU letter writing competitions.
The UPU International Letter-Writing Competition, also known as the International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People, is an annual contest for teenagers (under the age of 16) to encourage the ability to compose literature in picture form letters from the children. Like every year, the 48th upu writing contest in 2019 with the content of Writing a letter about your hero has just launched, attracting the attention of many young people in the world, including Vietnam. In order to assist them in finding ideas, we suggest some examples below that you can refer to.


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