How to write text in a circle in Photoshop simplest

How to write text in a circle in Photoshop simplest

To write text in a circle in Photoshop is not really difficult as you think, following the steps below will help you create the above typeface easily.

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Not too difficult as some other photo editing software, with Photoshop just a few steps below you can design your own a very unique circular typeface.

Photo art in photoshop

Design circular text in Photoshop

How to write text in a circle in Photoshop

Step 1: First of you open the file need to write the text in a circle in Photoshop.

Step 2: You choose the icon Ellipse on the software’s vertical toolbar. The shortcut is U .

Photo art in photoshop 2

Step 3: You proceed draw shapes On the image file need to create a circle. Note that you must press the Shift key Combine with left mouse to draw. Without holding Shift, the shape you will create is an ellipse, not a circle.

Photo art in photoshop 3

Step 4: Select an icon tee on the toolbar of Photoshop. The keyboard shortcut is T and you choose to go to the first line Horizontal Type Tool .

Photo art in photoshop 4

Step 5: You move to the circle, never see the flashing bar – then press to proceed to write text.

Photo editor in Photoshop 5

Step 6: On the layer toolbar you proceed eyes off The shape of the layer is rounded.

Photo editor in Photoshop 6

Step 7: Return to the main working screen, now you will see that your circle text no longer has the surrounding shape as before.

Photo editor in photoshop 7

Besides me to be able to create other typefaces such as rectangles, hexagons … you can manipulate U key on the keyboard then select the shapes that create the desired text, then follow the steps above.
The steps to write letters in a circle are very simple and easy to perform, right? In addition, you can also write text in many beautiful fonts, see how Choose a beautiful font in Photoshop here. Good luck.


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