How to write standard facebook Ads content, write optimal FB ad content

How to write standard facebook Ads content, write optimal FB ad content

How to write standard Facebook Ads content? Every time you want to run an ad, you do not know how to write articles for FB Ads. The following article ElectrodealPro will show you how to write the best Facebook content, write the best FB ad content and follow you!

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If you surf the Facebook newsfeed every day, you will probably see a lot Facebook Ads (Facebook ads) from a lot of different industries. According to the assessment of the management tool Fanpage Facebook (website, If you want your Facebook ads to win the attention of customers, you need to know how to write standard facebook Ads content, write optimal FB ad content. To learn more about this issue, you can immediately refer to the secret of writing facebook Ads content that share below!

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How to write standard facebook Ads content, write optimal FB ad content

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Article Contents:
1. Use your own language.
2. Write short, simple, and concise.
3. Layout of facebook Ads content.
4. Start with a question.
5. Use attractive words to customers.
6. Attract attention.

1. Use your own language

When writing content for Facebook advertisingYou need to pay attention to make it authentic, transparent and express your own brand voice. So, try to use your own words, plain as usual. This is because Facebook is not a dream place, but actually a place for people to see what happens to their friends and family. Therefore, users will want in their newsfeeds to have articles with the simplest and most honest language. The glossy, fancy posts will only make them think you’re going to be copying somewhere.

Accordingly, if you want your ad to attract Facebook users, you should write that. Using authentic, real-life language will make your post look less like an advertisement. For example, if you advertise a water bottle product, you can simply write as follows: “Are you a drinker? Fill our bottles with water right away because (state good features of the product). You will be freeship with bills from …. upwards. “

There is an Application

2. Write short, simple, and concise

You need to keep your facebook Ads content as short and simple as possible. Facebook users will only spend a few seconds reading the ad so a wordy ad or non-product related content is sure to stop people from reading and scrolling down to the next post in their newsfeed. That is why content for facebook ads should only stop at less than 140 words.

How can Facebook content attract most

However, word count is only part of what is more important than what you write. No matter how short or long, the sentences must be of high quality, don’t waste a word on irrelevant content. In addition, use short, simple, easy to read and understand words so that netizens don’t have to go online to look up or find out what you are writing.

For example: When writing content to promote shoes, you can write the following: “Handmade shoes for men are made directly from Italy” or “Own now M.Gemi – men’s shoes made in Italy leading the trend. fashion”.

3. Layout your facebook Ads content for easy reading in the newsfeed

Imagine what you would do when you surf your newsfeed, especially when you flip through an ad. How long will you spend it? Do you read every word of the ad every time? The answer is definitely not. Perhaps you’ll read the headlines and, if possible, read just one more line of text. That is why you need to write short and layout the content of FB Ads articles so that your customers can read them as soon as the ad catches their eyes. People can only read one line of your ad (first line). So whatever you want to say, be sure to say it as soon as possible so that readers will pay more attention to your product by just skimming the article.

4. Start with a question

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A great way to get the attention of your customers is to start with a bold question because questions force the reader to answer your question. And if you express the question in a way that makes the customer answer Yes, you are gradually bringing them closer to agreeing to buy your product. To write optimal FB ad content this way, use words like “want” in question and include a range of benefits that customers receive when buying or using your products. In other words, you ask a question and answer it yourself.

For example: You use Facebook ad for your headline product, you could simply write this: “Want more clicks from your social media posts? You can download 72 files right away. Our headline scan is free. “

5. Use attractive words to customers

Customers will always be attracted by the benefits they get when buying something or a product that meets what they need. Therefore, this is also something you need to keep in mind if you want to write standard facebook Ads content, Optimal. Accordingly, if possible, focus on customer offers, product features, benefits that customers can get, … by using words like “discounts”, ” special gifts “,” sale “,” freeship “,” free “, …. in Facebook Ads content.

6. Attract customers’ attention with icons and icons

Using symbols like brackets, gift box icons, click icons, etc. while formatting your content (especially when your content is long and you want to say a lot of content) is also a good thing. ways to make your posts more vivid and prominent. In addition, you can consider adding bold, italic, and increase text size whatever part you want users to read in your ad. A full-text post that doesn’t stand out or make a difference will be harder to get you to the attention of your users.
Knowing how to write standard Facebook Ads content, writing optimal FB ad content will help you quickly attract the attention of potential “gods” and you will surely make them agree to buy your product.


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