How to write special characters in Yahoo

How to write special characters in Yahoo

How to write special characters in Yahoo will give you many more funny and vivid symbols. All will be sent to you by ElectrodealPro in this article

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Sometimes you will come across funny and fancy characters that you often want to make separate in each status or your post. With yahoo, too to express your emotions and personality, the special characters, emojis in yahoo are indispensable when you download yahoo messenger and use.

special characters in yahoo

How to write special characters in Yahoo

To use these emojis just use the key combinations shown in the table below

Emoticon Keystrokes Describe
on the phone :)] on the phone
at wits' end ~ X ( at wits’ end
wave :-H wave
time out : -t time out
day dreaming 8-> day dreaming
sleepy I-) sleepy
rolling eyes 8- | rolling eyes
loser L-) loser
sick : - & sick
don't tell anyone : - $ don’t tell anyone
no talking [-( no talking
clown :O) clown
silly 8-} silly
party party
yawn (:| yawn
drooling =P~ drooling
thinking 😕 thinking
d'oh #-o d’oh
applause =D> applause
nail biting :-SS nail biting
hypnotized @-) hypnotized
liar :^o liar
waiting :-w waiting
sigh :- sigh
phbbbbt >:P phbbbbt
cowboy cowboy
I don't want to see X_X I don’t want to see
hurry up! :!! hurry up!

cách viết các ký tự đặc biệt trong yahoo

Biểu tượng cảm xúc Tổ hợp phím Mô tả
rock on! m/ rock on!
thumbs down :-q thumbs down        
thumbs up :-bd thumbs up
it wasn't me ^#(^ it wasn’t me
pirate :ar! pirate*
catch o|:-) catch
cheer ~^o^~ cheer
cold '+_+ cold
cook []--- cook
dizzy '@ ^ @ ||| dizzy
down on luck % * - { down on luck
eat ^ O ^ || 3 eat
exercise []==[] exercise
fight : (fight) fight
gift &[] gift
give up 🙁 ||> give up
high five : -) / 🙂 high five
hot ::: ^^ ::: hot
music o | ^ _ ^ | o music
gaming : (game) gaming
puke : puke! puke
search me '@ - @ search me
sing o | ~ sing
spooky : -> ~~ spooky
studying ? @ _ @? studying
television :(television) television
unlucky % ||: - { unlucky

Above are all emoticons and ways write special characters in yahoo that ElectrodealPro send to you, you can refer to and use these interesting and very lively yahoo icons.
Just like Yahoo, Facebook also integrates a lot of unique special characters of all genres to help users express their emotions, icons instead of words, there are many special Facebook special characters, fancy, newly updated continuously by Facebook that you can search.


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