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How to write lettering, create calligraphic fonts on the computer with Calligraphy Font


The way to write letters when composing text, writing on pictures is very simple. But if you are new to using, you can see the following instructions. Just install calligraphy font on your computer, laptop, you can use the font of map, calligraphy easily.

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The word Ong Do has its own characteristics and is loved by many young people in recent years. And with the development of technology, the words Ong Do, calligraphy are written on the image more and more.
Viet chu ong do

How to write map letters, create letters on the computer map with Paint

Step 1: Download and install calligraphy font on computer. Download: Calligraphy font

Refer to the article:
Way Install Font word for computer

You can write the map in Word, or any other editing tool, here I choose Paint

Step 2: Open the app Paint available on Windows. From the Menu Start you enter the keyword “paint” already enter
I love you
Step 3: Click the text icon A to create the word Mr. Map.
Viet bride is painted by elephant
Step 4: Choose the font style, size, color as you like (Select calligraphy font styles, there are many font styles such as 1-2-3 calligraphy font, grandpa font, high bar font, font mellow, handwritten font, … you choose to hover to match your preference)
chu ong do
Step 5: In order to get accented Vietnamese input, your computer needs to install software that supports Vietnamese typing such as Unikey or Vietkey. Here, ElectrodealPro uses Unikey. Next, in Unikey, you have to switch the encoding Unicode to VNI Windows, by right-clicking Unikey and choose VNI Windows
Viet thuap on computer
And your result will be:
I love you

Demo image of writing the word map on the computer

Viet chu ong do

Create calligraphy text on word, wordpad

Viet thuap on computer

Write calligraphy on the computer

So with the above article, we have instructed you how to create simple and quick lettering on your computer. You can combine with your New Year images to write New Year greeting cards to your loved ones. If using Adobe Photoshop, you can see how Calligraphy writing in Photoshop To write the word map on my image offline
Good luck!



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