How to write calligraphy style name on photos

How to write calligraphy style name on photos

With the installation of Calligraphy Font, users can unleash calligraphy-style fonts on their graphic design or documents. In particular, you can not only hand-write beautiful and impressive calligraphy for yourself, but you can also give it to family members or friends, and this will definitely make them extremely excited.

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Calligraphy is considered an art and aesthetic subject that many people love. To be able to write beautiful calligraphy requires the writer to go through a long training process. However, nowadays there are many pre-designed font styles that allow users to write calligraphy style quickly. If you intend to surprise someone by writing their name in calligraphy, the following article will help you do this.

How to write name in calligraphy style

Write your name in calligraphy style

How to write calligraphy style name on photos

In this article, I will guide you to write calligraphy style names through the Paint tool built in on computers using Windows operating systems.


– A photo as background, gallery reference Nice wallpaper.
– Download calligraphy font and install for your computer, here.

=> Link to download Calligraphy Font for Windows

Step 1: Open the folder containing the background image, right click on the wallpaper and select Open With ->Paint.

Vietnamese style tax style

Step 2: On the interface of Paint select the text icon A to write text on pictures.

Vietnamese style tax style

After choosing A, will appear a selection for you to enter your name or someone’s name.

taxable Vietnamese style by name

Step 3: After entering the font, you proceed to choose the calligraphy font style. Here I choose the font Thien An Calligraphy

The legal documents are based on your name

You can also customize the size and color of the text.

Vietnamese style tax style

Step 4: Review the finished image and save it by clicking File choose Save As.

Vietnamese style tax style

Step 5: A window appears, you name the image in the file box Name. Select a picture format in the cell Save as type (usually in .jpg format). After click Save to save.

Vietnamese style tax style

This is an image with a calligraphy style name.

Vietnamese style tax style
Above are instructions on how to write calligraphy style names with just a few simple steps. In the same way, you can create two calligraphy names in an impressive photo to dedicate your other half to a confession, or on important events. And this should make you score in their eyes.

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