How to write an internship application to increase your chances of being hired?

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Instructions on how to write internship application form and a simple but effective internship application form that enhances employment opportunities.

Internships are a great way to learn about work without a long-term commitment to work. Whether you’re a third-year student or about to graduate, an internship provides you with the experience to help you decide if it’s the career path for you. So how do you get into the intern? Like most job positions, you will start by applying. For any job that you apply now or in the future, you may need to send at least your CV and internship application.

While a cover letter shows your level of education and skills, a cover letter conveys your personality and enthusiasm for the job, as well as showing the goals and competencies you can bring to your career. future.

Below are instructions on how to properly write and a professional internship application form that you can refer to.

How to write an effective internship application

Format correctly

The internship application form is an official commercial mailing form, so you should format it correctly, even if you send it via email. A job application format includes:

Your contact information;

Date of year (letter);

Recipient’s name;

Address of the recipient;


Mail content;

The greeting ends;

Signature (if emailed).

Please send the application to the specific recipient (this can be found in the job post) instead of the general recipient such as Recruitment Manager or Human Resources Representative. This will make your internship application more personal and make a good impression on the employer.

Explain why you fit the role

Unlike a full-time job, an internship is an opportunity for you to learn about your future career. That’s why you should emphasize how this experience will help complement and develop the skills you already have. Also, do not forget to mention the aspects that you admire in the company and how they fit your personal aspirations.

Not only do you need to know why this internship is beneficial to you, but you also need to be clear about the benefits you can bring to work for the company. Remember, you may face stiff competition from other qualified candidates, so you need to really stand out.

Includes relevant courses and extracurricular experience

When applying for a trainee position, the company will not expect you to have many years of industry experience. So focus on the experiences you have such as courses, club participation and extracurricular activities on your internship application. It is important to demonstrate that these are useful for the position and that employers are interested in.

Describe skills, use appropriate keywords

Although you have not completed the skills needed to apply for a full-time position, you may have many soft skills such as time management, organization, and communication. Be sure to mention your top skills to increase the appeal of your internship application. In addition, including the key keywords listed in job postings can also help your resume to be found because businesses can use the profile filtering system to identify suitable candidates.

Check for typos or typos

Read through your internship application at least 2 times to find and correct spelling or typing errors. Reading the letter out loud can also help you spot expression errors or inappropriate words.

A few things to note when writing an internship application

Create separate internship applications for each position

The company will know if you send the same letter to all positions. Therefore, try to make your letter as specific and unique to each employer as possible. In this way, you will make it clear that you really want to become a trainee there. If creating a completely new letter for each job is too difficult, you should also tailor the letter according to the characteristics of the location and business by paying attention to the mission and including interesting details that you had found.

Avoid duplicate CV

You will be sure to submit your CV at the same time as your internship application, so you do not need to present the exact same information. Instead, focus on the things that are really important, especially the achievements that are directly related to the position you apply for and the career you are heading to.

If the job postings do not require an internship application, you should also submit it

An internship application is an opportunity to speak more clearly about yourself to the employer. So even if you are not required, you should always send an internship letter to show the employer that you are fully committed to this position.

Standard internship application form for students

Your name

Your address

Your email

Your phone number

Day month Year

Recipient’s name

Company name

Address of the company

Dear you [tên nhà tuyển dụng],

I am writing to wish to receive an internship opportunity [tên công ty] with [tên vị trí] was posted on [tên trang web]. The prospect of internship with the company is very interesting to me because it will be a great start to my career goals and because your company is highly regarded for its innovation, professionalism and focus on developing high quality human resources.

Through this internship, I hope to learn more in this [lĩnh vực thực tập của bạn] while contributing a bit of strength to the company. Is a student of [tên khóa học] from [trường cao đẳng / đại học], I have mastered the academic aspects and some of the required skills in this field. I hope to put what I have learned into practice this time under the guidance of a great mentor.

I have attached the CV with this letter to give you a detailed view of the courses and projects I have taken. I look forward to gaining more knowledge in this field from experienced professionals in your company and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Best regards,

Hopefully through this article you will master the techniques for writing an internship application and can create an effective application, increasing your chances of finding the desired internship position.

Huynh Tram

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