How to watch streaming media on VLC
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How to watch streaming media on VLC

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VLC is currently one of the best and most trusted media readers. But did you know that it can also stream media over the internet or on your local network? He does this with the same competence that reads DVDs or movies downloaded from the internet.

How to watch movies in streaming with VLC

Open your VLC player and in the menu Media choose option Flow or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S to go straight to that section:

In the window that appears, select the tab Network and insert the link or file (video or audio) you want to watch. That done, click Flow:

Then, a tab will appear. Fill it out however you want. This way, you will be configuring VLC as if it were a media server, so that other computers on the network or on the internet can connect to your stream. You can also simply watch the broadcast on VLC or convert the stream and save it to your computer.

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