How to watch movies on iQIYI

How to watch movies on iQIYI

Can users in Vietnam watch movies on iQIYI in Vietnamese? And if so, how? Taimienphi will answer your questions with an article detailing how to watch movies on iQIYI in Vietnamese below!

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Recently, iQIYI is a popular video sharing social network in China. Application iQIYI is a huge video warehouse with diverse topics such as movies, TV programs, entertainment clips, … with sharp image quality and vivid sound. In the version released in the Vietnamese market, iQIYI provides quality content with Vietnamese subtitles and support for users to pay in Vietnamese currency.

how to watch movies on iqiyi

Watch movies on iQIYI in Vietnamese

Currently, iQIYI is giving users the VIP package experience, viewing exclusive and latest content for free for 1 month. So what are you waiting for without downloading the application to see and enjoy now! If you still do not know how to operate movies on iQIYI? Taimienphi will guide you in detail each step in the content below!

How to watch movies on iQIYI in Vietnamese

First you need to install iQIYI on your phone. If you do not have the application on your computer, please download the latest iQIYI version in the link below. Currently, iQIYI has just launched an English interface application for Android devices, iOS users will need to wait a while longer.

Download iQIYI software here

– Download iQiyi for Android
– Download iQiyi for iPhone

After you have installed the app, open iQIYI from the phone’s desktop and follow the steps below.

Step 1: On the home screen of iQIYI, you can find the content you want to search by categories that iQIYI has suggested by topics such as: Drama, Movie, Variety Show (Program variety),…

If you can’t find what you want to see, tap the function search with icon magnifying glass.

how to watch movies on iqiyi 2

Step 2:Type in the content name Let the app do its search and press select result that you like At the program or movie interface, click the button Play.

how to watch movies on iqiyi 3

Step 3: Let’s see subtitles in Vietnamese, first of all you click on the icon Full Screen.

how to watch movies on iqiyi 4

Soft touch On the screen, the toolbar will appear, you select next item Language and choose Vietnamese.

how to watch movies on iqiyi 5

With 3 steps that Taimienphi has guided, now you can easily watch any video on iQIYI that you love. The last job you need to do now is simply find a comfortable seat and enjoy great movies or attractive shows. Currently WeTV is also an application that supports watching good movies on mobile, you download and refer to the instructions watch movies on WeTV here.
Have a good time of relaxation on iQIYI!


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