How to wake up to start your day right

How to wake up to start your day right

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Waking up is the first step of the day. Therefore, certain gestures and habits at that time they can allow the day to go on in a more productive and enjoyable way.

  • Waking up depends on good sleep

  • Waking up in the morning

  • Getting out of bed

  • Hydration upon waking

  • Do exercises

  • Breakfast

  • Shower

  • Rituals in the morning

Waking up depends on good sleep

Sleep is a major contributor to our well-being. On many occasions, a bad day is caused by a night of little sleep or turbulence during rest. Try it for that always lie down at the same time during the week (accepting a moderate change on weekends) and not sleeping with the television on or cell phone in bed.

Waking up in the morning

Choose one soft sound for the alarm clock and change the music from time to time, as the custom increases the chances of you missing the hour and the repetition of the sound can irritate some people who start to associate that noise with the interruption of a comforting sleep.

Getting out of bed

Once your eyes have opened, stay in bed for a few seconds and take the time to stretch in a long and complete way. You need to wake up your muscles too.

Hydration upon waking

During the night, the body dehydrates. Have a glass of water as soon as get up or after the first visit to the bathroom.

Do exercises

Before eating breakfast, spend a few minutes on light muscle strengthening exercises. Perform three sets of 20 sit-ups, for example.


Breakfast is essential for the rest of the day. On average, it is estimated that the meal should guarantee 25% of the daily caloric intake. Have some hot drinks (coffee, tea, milk), cereals (bread or corn products) and a portion of fruit.


Start your bath with a hot water jet and, after washing, finish the bath by staying a few seconds under water at a colder temperature to relax your body and wake it up.

Rituals in the morning

The rituals we follow in the morning allow for a better organization for activities of the day. Make your bed, prepare school supplies or work, check your e-mail box and collect cell phones, wallets and other essential items for the rest of the journey.

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