How to view user ID on Facebook

How to view user ID on Facebook

Not only on desktop, but also on Facebook user ID on your phone. Knowing your Facebook ID, you can make friends more easily, solve problems …

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This way helps you: Get pharmacy ID easily even on computers, phones

Do you already know how to get Facebook ID? For any purpose you need to specify the Facebook ID address of your personal account, or of any group or fanpage. For those who do not know much about Facebook, this is probably a problem that is not small at all. That is why in today’s article tips, Taimienphi will share with you how to easily and quickly view the user ID on Facebook that you want.

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How to find Facebook ID of every user you want

1. Instructions on the computer
2. Operate on phone

Instructions to get Facebook ID

1. How to get Facebook ID by computer

The following article needs to find the Facebook ID of the fanpage with the address: as an example.

Way 1: Click on a picture in Facebook’s Photo gallery you need to get ID to post. The sequence of numbers after the last dot on the facebook link when the picture shows up is the Facebook ID you need to find.

Note: This works for individual Facebook accounts, pages and groups.

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In this case, the Facebook ID is: 158378204367657

Method 2: You copy the facebook link you need to find the ID, then access the address Here and paste that facebook link into the box Enter your personal Facebook profile URL then press Lookup numeric ID … as shown below:

Note: This works for individual Facebook accounts, pages and groups.

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The results will display in a moment:

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Method 3: You drag the name of the site, account in the status line where you want to check the ID. Then right click and select Check element (Inspect Element).

Note: this is applicable for personal accounts, sites, DO NOT APPLY with group ID checking.

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You will then see that there is a long number behind id = , this is the ID sequence you need to find

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Method 4: This method only works when you apply to the group ID check on Facebook. Go to the address of the group you want to get Facebook ID, on the address bar you change the URL of that group www Fort m will help you transition to the mobile interface.

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Once moved to the mobile interface, find options Invite members

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In this option, on the address bar you will see a series of numbers after id = is the range of Facebook IDs you need to get.

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Method 5: Use Commentpicker
Step 1: Commentpicker is an online tool that allows viewing user IDs on Facebook simply and quite easily, to be able to view user ID on Facebook with this tool that users need to access. HERE.
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Step 2: Below this there is a section called Enter Your Facebook Profile, Page or Group URL >> Here you just need to enter the path to that Facebook name or yours.
For example:
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Step 3: Check right below you will see a message is Your Facebook ID: xxxxxxxxxx, which is the Facebook ID of the object you are looking for.
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2. How to get Facebook ID on your phone

To learn how to get Facebook ID on your phone, you can refer to the article Here.

The above are just the simplest of the many other ways to help you view your Facebook ID on your personal page easily, you can learn more. However, with the series of Facebook IDs that you have are generally quite long to remember, so if you want to shorten this Facebook address, it is also possible through the Facebook address shortening instructions I shared it before.

Nowadays, finding a friend’s Facebook account is quite simple, just knowing one of the information such as phone number, email, address, group … you will find out the Facebook name of that friend. , how to find Facebook by name, phone number … has been carefully guided by us
In addition, Facebook allows users to change their display name in 5 times, each time 60 days apart, to rename Facebook successfully, please refer to the Facebook renaming tutorial article that Taimienphi has edited to there is a best practice.


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