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How to view PDf files on the screen with Foxit Reader extremely easy


You receive a PDF file, but the file is rotated horizontally so you cannot read the content. So how to turn back to the direction to read the content as usual, the article below ElectrodealPro will help you how to view the PDf file being rotated across the screen with Foxit Reader extremely simple.

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We have many ways to fix rotated PDF document error. If you are using a PDF file reader called Foxit Reader, follow the instructions below

How to view PDf files on the screen with Foxit Reader extremely easy

How to view PDf files on the screen with Foxit Reader

Open the PDF file is rotated horizontally, on the menu bar of the software you pay attention to 2 items Rotate Left and Rotate Right. These 2 items have the function of rotating PDF pages one by one 90 degree angle in 2 directions to the left or right.

How to view pdf files is rotated horizontally by foxit reader

So depending on the direction in which the horizontal PDF page you meet, you can click on one of these two items to rotate the page back to its original position.

You can also find this function by right-clicking on the PDF page you want to rotate.

How to view pdf files horizontally rotated by foxit reader cuc de 2

For faster operations, you can also use these rotation functions with a combination of keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+ +(Rotate Right) and Ctrl+Shift+ – (Rotate Left ).

There are many applications that help you edit PDF on your computer effectively, if you do not use Foxit Reader, you can use many other tools or online applications to help you edit PDF better.
So to rotate a PDF file horizontally with Foxit Reader is quite simple. However, after rotating we can not save and when you turn off and reopen the PDF file will return to its original position. So how to rotate the PDF and save it? You can use one of the following ways: rotate PDF files online thanks to online PDF editing website or use a dedicated PDF file rotation software PDF Rotate Pages. With these applications, fixing the above problems is also very fast and simple. Good luck.



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