How to view and delete search history on Zalo
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 How to view and delete search history on Zalo

How to view and delete search history on Zalo

You often use the search feature when using Zalo? However, you probably do not know that this information is usually stored in the search history section on personal accounts. To protect Zalo user information allows you to find and delete Zalo history quickly.

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Zalo is a chat application that is used by many people and is leading in Vietnam today. However, Zalo does not simply bring chat and call features like Viber or Facebook Messenger, but Zalo acts as a social network with many attractive features such as viewing weather forecasts, watching movie showtimes, reading news. , etc. Come with us to guide finding and clearing history on Zalo.

Video tutorial view and delete history Zalo

How to view search history on Zalo

Step 1:

At the main interface of Zalo, click on the search bar at the top of the application.

At this time you will see all the information searched on your account at the bottom Zalo is fully saved in section Recently found.

Search on Zalo
Search on Zalo

How to delete search history Zalo

Step 2:

We will proceed to delete search history on Zalo by long pressing on any content in the item Recently found Let the search content appear Multiply (x).

See Zalo search history
See Zalo search history

Step 3:

At this point you click Multiply to clear the search history for that content.

You will have to perform manual deletion of search history because Zalo does not allow bulk deletion.

When the search history is cleared, press the button Accomplished in the right corner to close the content Recently found.

Clear Zalo search history
Clear Zalo search history
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