How to use VieON without phone?

How to use VieON without phone?

VieON is an entertainment application that allows users to watch their favorite TV series, game shows, but how to use it. VieON without the phone now. The answer will be in the article below with guidance from ElectrodealPro.

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Just like VTV Go VieON is a cooperative entertainment application allowing users to watch popular TV programs and game shows both domestically and internationally, a co-operative product of VTC cabs. Since it’s a phone app, if you want Using VieON without phone we have to combine with an Android emulator software running on the computer, and that is the emulator Android Bluestacks 4 we introduce right below.

Do not have a phone when you don't have a phone

Use VieON without phone

Using VieON without phone?

To use VieON here we use Bluestacks, so to achieve the most accurate of the tutorial you should download Bluestacks to my computer here.

-> See more ways install Bluestacks Here if you do not know how to install this software.

Step 1: After completing the installation of Bluestacks, open this software, type search VieON on Bluestacks.

What to do without a phone 2

Step 2: VieON results will displayed firstClick on it to access the VieON settings page.

What to do without a phone 3

Step 3: Inward we just need to click Install To proceed with the installation, this is how to use VieON without your phone.

What to do without a phone 4

Right after that we can watch the programs on VieON, the movies are very HOT like Glutinous Rice Glutinous Rice good Dien Cong Hy Luoc.

How to use it without a phone 5

Not only that, we can also look at the very popular game shows above VieON. View the full list of aired episodes with ease.

What to do without a phone 6

For example, 7 spring smiles is one of the successful programs and is well received by many readers.

What to do without a phone 7

Not only game shows, HOT movies but also users VieON can watch a lot of good TV programs, popular channels like VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, VTV5, VTV6 are in HD quality.

What to do without a phone 8

There are also many feature film programs, famous overseas channels such as Fox Movies.

What to do without a phone 9

At the time we are writing this guide is showing Avenger: Infinity War on Fox Movies with Vietnamese subtitles, full of blockbuster titles released in 2018.

What to do without a phone 10

VIEON is an extremely cool and attractive application, precisely for that reason that you should not miss this application even if you do not have a computer. With the Android Bluestacks emulator, you can run VieON smoothly as if you were running a PC software on Windows.

In case you have a smartphone, you just need to download VieON to your device and install is complete

Download VieON for Android devices here: VieON for Android
Download VieON for iOS devices here: VieON for iPhone
Hopefully in the coming time, VieON will launch a complete PC application like VTV Go so that users can install VTV Go on their computer. At present, the installation of VTV Go on your computer is limited to Windows 10 only.


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