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  • Forum presentation

  • The various forums

  • Interface presentation

  • Status of discussions in the CCM forum interface

  • Reading messages

  • The writing of messages

  • The page configuration options

  • How to search for messages

Forum presentation

The forum is a place for exchange between users, members or not, on computer topics. Forum participants are voluntary people, willing to help users looking for information. So, as users come from countries around the world, with different cultures, we ask them to behave politely at the forum. The Terms of Use of the website define the conditions of use of the forum and the behavior to be adopted. In case of violation of the conditions established in the Terms of Use, the moderators, designated by the website’s webmaster, will be in charge of deleting the messages.

The various forums

The CCM forum is divided into several thematic discussion spaces, including:

Software / Applications, which is dedicated to messages regarding the installation of software and / or applications, their configuration and use.

Audio / Video, to clarify any problem related to sound and image.

Email / Chat / Social Media, to answer questions about your messages, posts, chats, passwords, email services, etc.

Hardware, devoted to material problems: choices, help, optimization, comparisons, etc.

Video games / online games, as the name says, tips, problems and doubts related to video games are exchanged in this forum.

Programming, specialized in discussions related to application development in several programming languages ​​(ASP, C ++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, VBScript, etc.).

Internet Problems / Settings, for all questions about networks (protocols, network installation, connection problems, etc.), hosting web sites, creating web pages, etc.

Viruses / Security, talks about the dangers and threats of computers, mainly the resolution of problems caused by viruses and worms.

Windows deals with the installation, use and repair of Microsoft operating systems (95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10).

Linux / Unix, dedicated to questions about the installation, use and repair of Unix-type systems (Linux, HORSE-FORCE- HP-UX, AIX, etc.), other than MacOS systems.

MacOS, refers to questions about installing, using, and repairing your Mac (Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, etc.).

Office software, helps in understanding and using document processing packages, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.

Technologies / gadgets, addresses questions about the technology and its accessories.

Websites / design / development, this forum can help you create pages and websites on the internet.

News it is where we find information about the news, especially with regard to information technology.

Suggestions, here users can submit suggestions for, for example, improving the ergonomics and functioning of the website and forum.

Members coffee it is a place of exchange on all matters. The identified members are welcome to play, tell jokes, debate the news or whatever.

The tabs at the top of the page help you switch from one discussion space to another.

Interface presentation

Messages from different users appear on the main forum page. They are classified by decreasing chronological order according to the last contribution. So, if you reply to a message sent a year ago, it will appear at the top of the forum.

The description of the elements presented above is, first, the number of responses given to the message. In second place, date and time the last answer. If the last answer is displayed on the same day, this field appears in red. Same in relation to the date of the initial message.

Third, Message subject / title, by clicking on the title you can read the set of contributions given to the message. Finally, if the user is a member of the CCM their name will appear in blue. With a click on the name, it is possible to access that user’s profile. To show the most recent reply, click on the last user name to be taken to the message reply interface.

Status of discussions in the CCM forum interface

There are five statuses for discussions in the forum: the discussion no reply, where you will see the word ‘reply’ in blue; the discussion resolved, when the moderator will decide that the answer is satisfactory; the discussion closed, where new publications are blocked; the discussion resolved and closed, when, in addition to being marked as resolved, the conversation is closed; and the ongoing discussion, in which users can still add new comments.

Reading messages

A click on the title of a message shows the content of the message, that is, the message clicked and all the responses that were given.

Responses are hierarchical, meaning that you can reply to the initial message (by clicking on ‘reply’ in blue), or give a specific reply to a user (by clicking on ‘reply’ underlined or ‘comment on the reply from … ‘).

To navigate chronologically, click the arrows () on either side of the answer order number. The last message in the discussion is marked by a red title. You can access the last reply to the discussion by clicking on the username that appears next to Last reply on … above the initial post:

The writing of messages

The writing of a message, be it a reply or a new message, is done using the form at the bottom of the page:

At the first field you will choose the category in which your question fits. For example, if you want to talk about an infection on your computer, you will choose the ‘Security / Virus’ forum.

a second field lets you give your message a title. This title is mandatory and it will appear at the top of the discussion. Because of this, it is essential to give your message an explicit title, trying to briefly describe the problem.

O third field allows you to write your message. If you are subscribed to the site, you can edit your personal signature, that is, a short text will be automatically published at the bottom of all messages.

O fourth field it is used to enter your username and indicate whether you want to receive responses by email. If you are registered on the website, these fields will be filled in automatically.

If you are a member of the CCM and are registered in the forum, you will have the possibility to edit your message with the condition that no one replies. To do this, just go back to your answer and click To edit. This allows you to correct spelling errors or links that don’t work.

Know that there is the button Report – in blue and to the right of the message subject – which allows to mark the messages that do not comply with the CCM Terms of Use.

The page configuration options

The CCM forum does not voluntarily have many possibilities for configuring messages in order to privilege their readability. However, you can:

For bold text inserting it between the ‘bold’ and ‘/ bold’ tags:

exemplo de mensagem em negrito

For an italic text inserting it between the ‘ital’ and ‘/ ital’ tags:

exemplo de mensagem em itálico

Underline text inserting it between the ‘underline’ and ‘/ underline’ tags:

exemplo de mensagem sublinhado

Format a piece of text inserting it between the ‘code’ and ‘/ code’ tags. Thanks to this feature, the formatted text will save exactly the desired page configuration. This tool is particularly adapted for those portions of code that require a specific page setup:

exemplo de mensagem formatada 'code'for($i=1;$i<10;$i++) {eco "Valor de $i: 

Create a hypertext link by entering the destination URL in square brackets (it must start with http: // or www):

exemplo de links de hipertexto: Fórum do CCM

Create a hypertext link by entering the destination URL (must start with http: // or www.), followed by the keyword separated by at least one space:

exemplo de relações hipertextos: Fórum de CCM

How to search for messages

Thanks to a search field at the top of the page, you can search for a message on the CCM forums:

To search for a message, just type keywords separated by spaces. So, for example, if you have a problem with GeForce graphics card drivers, just enter the following string into the search engine:

drivers GeForce

The search is not sensitive to formatting, it means that you can type in both lowercase and uppercase. In addition, the search engine searches for all occurrences of each word. In this way, the word graphic will give all messages containing the following words: graphic, graphics, graphics, graphics, graphics, graphics, etc.

Thanks to the list that appears to the left of the search field, it is possible to search a specific forum. Otherwise, the search is made in all spaces for discussion.

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