How to use the application 9999 Tet, Tet Canh Ty information store

How to use the application 9999 Tet, Tet Canh Ty information store

In order to help housewives or each family prepare a meaningful and happy traditional New Year, many Tet applications launched such as 9999 Tet for example. The 9999 Tet app brings a much-needed and useful information store for every family to shop for Tet, New Year’s rituals, rituals, goldification, New Year greetings to send to family and friends. Besides, the application also brings horoscopy information, suitable for the age of the home, the direction of departure at the beginning of the year suitable for each different age. On the 9999 Tet, there is also an online shopping section at reputable shopping sites, suggesting places to visit in the spring of the year, … There are many other interesting content which is 9999 Tet divided into many different categories for them. I discovered. The following article will guide you how to use 9999 Tet application.

Instructions for using 9999 Tet application

Step 1:

We download the 9999 New Year application for the phone by following the link below and proceed with the installation as usual.

Download the 9999 Chinese New Year app

Download the 9999 New Year iOS app

At the first interface, click Swipe to open the manual. Switch to the main user interface, you will see different content items for reference on Tet holiday.

Step 2:

Application will be available become virtual To make your search easier, click here mouse shape on the screen already Enter your name already Click Start to use. You can now use the application via voice to search content.

For example, looking for places to buy flowers on New Year, this time the app will suggest some places near you if we open the location on the device.

Step 3:

Next, you open the other manual sections to find the content you are looking for.

In this application, there is also a horoscope, click See the calendar of things in section Cultural. In this interface, you will have the item Horoscopes 2020 when entering the year of birth, the age of the land and see the direction of departure. Articles will have an additional content reader so you can view the content without having to look at the screen.

Especially when the user account login via Facebook or Zalo will be able to participate in a number of games where applications such as lucky money swings to receive many meaningful and valuable gifts.

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Wishing you a happy new year!


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