How to use Picsart

PicsArt is an all-in-one photo and video editor that allows users to unleash their artistic creativity. With simple usage, you can easily edit photos and videos, have fun with sticker maker, collage maker, doodle on photo and much more.

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Picsart is an extremely fun photo capture and editing application with many great filters, modes, and editing tools. Picsart simplifies image processing so its users can easily create more beautiful photos. Let’s learn by ElectrodealPro through using Picsart So you can easily edit images with this amazing app.

manual Picsart

How to use Picsart to edit photos and videos

How to use Picsart

If you do not know how to install Picsart, you can follow the instructions:

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Step 1: Start Picsart, at the main interface of the application, click the plus sign at the bottom to open up the main functions of the application including: Edit, Collage, Painting, Camera.

how to use picsart

Step 2: With function of EditYou can use Picsart to select the photos you need to edit. With this function, you can perform collage, add effects, sticker, insert text, change the color of the photo with the filters provided in the application.

how to use picsart 2

Step 3: With function of Collage, you can choose to merge multiple photos into a single picture by Grid Display, Free Style, Frame, ..

how to use picsart 3

Step 4: In this photo collage mode, you are also provided with photo-collage editing functions to create a complete photo in the most attractive and attractive appearance.

how to use picsart 4

Step 5: In the first time use mode Paintingyou press Start drawing and then choose the dimensions for the drawing and the background to draw on those panels.

how to use picsart 5

Step 6: Picsart’s drawing mode gives users quite a lot of interesting drawing tools, besides the application also has a library of additional files that you can insert to make the drawing more beautiful.

how to use picsart 6

Step 7: In the mode CameraYou can use Picsart to take pictures with various effects, filters, and stickers attached to different image sizes (depending on camera resolution).

how to use picsart 7

Step 8: Similar to Edit photo mode, after you take a picture from Camera mode, you will be given that set of image processing tools to create beautiful pictures. After that, you can easily share it with your friends.

how to use picsart 8
Above, ElectrodealPro instructed you how to use Picsart, if you are familiar with how to use this application, you will surely have more excellent image editing skills such as erase acne with Picsart without any difficulty.

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