How to use Opera Flow to connect open tabs on computers and phones
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How to use Opera Flow to connect open tabs on computers and phones

A few months ago, the developer of Opera Software released the exciting Opera Neon product. And now, they have launched Opera Touch browser designed specifically for mobile phones. Currently Opera Touch is only available for Android.

Opera Touch provides Flow feature, which allows you to synchronize open websites, images, videos between mobile devices and desktop computers. For Flow to work, you must connect Opera Touch on your mobile phone to Opera Desktop on a PC.

Download and install Opera Touch on your Android device, then open your browser. Click ⋮> ​​Settings, select Connecting to the computer.

Select Install Choose to connect to the computer

On the next window, touch Scan the QR code.

Select Scan QR code A screen for scanning QR codes is now displayed on the phone

Install the latest version of Opera browser on the desktop. Click the Flow icon on the left menu bar (it looks like a paper plane), then click Reveal the code to get the QR code.

Select Reveal the code

When the QR code appears as below, you put the phone camera in front of the computer’s QR code to scan for Opera. So Opera Touch is connected to Opera Desktop.

Opera's QR code on the computer

You can now browse the website on a device using the Opera browser and touch the Flow icon in the address bar. Links will be sent quickly to all connected devices. At the same time, you can send and receive photos, videos and other things.

Click the Flow icon on Opera

On Opera for desktop, you’ll see notifications on the Flow icon in the sidebar. Click this icon to see all notifications about links, images, videos … sent. On Opera for mobile phones, these notifications appear on the screen, touching them to open Opera Touch.

Website has been sent to PC

The Flow feature uses an encrypted connection. This is a very safe way to share website links between your devices, it is also easier than sending links through chat applications and then opening on other devices. This is useful when you want to watch videos on a desktop screen, or when you want to print something but the printer is only connected to the computer.

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