How to use Mailspre to send anonymous emails
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How to use Mailspre to send anonymous emails

Besides traditional email services like Gmail, Outlook, etc., many people tend to look for anonymous email services. We do not need account login, send emails quickly and unlimited number of sent. Mailspre is a completely free anonymous email service. With Mailspre, the recipient doesn’t know who sent it. This helps you keep your personal information secure and avoid account spam. In addition, Mailspre can also link with other services to add options for users when sending email on Mailspre. The following article will guide you how to use Mailspre to send email.

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Instructions for sending anonymous emails on Mailspre

Step 1:

Users access Mailspre by following the link below.

Step 2:

At the interface of compiling the user, enter the content to send email. At To, enter the email address of the recipient.

Content input interface

In Reply to, if you want to receive feedback emails without letting the sender know your real email address, enter the email address created by the AltMails service. The AltMails service will create a fake email address and link to your real email address. All emails sent to the fake email address will be forwarded to the real email address.

How to create virtual email on AltMails we refer to the article How to use AltMails create unlimited virtual email.

Enter a fake email

At the Subject We enter the subject of the letter, then enter the content of the letter below.

The Mailspre website does not allow you to upload files for submission. If the user wants to send the file, use SafeNote to download the file and get the link to download the file. SafeNote will share the file via the link and be secured with a password, with automatic file destruction mode. Refer to using SafeNote to share files in the article How to use SafeNote to share self-destructing files and messages.

Create file sharing links

Step 3:

After filling in the information you want to email, we click Send button under.

Send email

When the mail is successfully sent we receive the message as shown below. Note, the recipient should carefully check the Spam to avoid ignoring mail.

Email notification of success

Mailspre offers a completely secure email client, when others do not know who is sending it, but the sender still receives a reply in their main email by linking to AltMails.

I wish you successful implementation!


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