How to use LightShot, take screenshots on a computer

How to use LightShot, take screenshots on a computer

Proceed to install and use LightShot, a screen capture tool for computers, laptops, to help you save beautiful images in the video you are watching or save pictures to guide the steps of software installation or image editing …

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LightShot is a free computer screen capture software that is widely used in the world because of its quickness and simplicity. Unlike the complicated way of taking pictures with the PrintScreen and Paint keys, LightShot offers users convenient and powerful direct editing features. Compact and easy to use, LightShot is sure to suit everyone who needs a computer screen capture software.

using lightshot

The main features of LightShot:

– Take a picture of the computer screen: You can quickly capture any area of ​​your computer screen.
– Direct photo editing: add text, create rectangles, create straight lines, … directly while shooting.
– Upload photos to social networks, photo sharing websites: share photos on Twitter, Facebook, …
– Simple interface, easy to use
– Search for similar photos via Google


You can find the LightShot icon in the Taskbar after installing and starting the software. See how install LightShot here. You can right-click the LightShot icon, a dialog of options will appear, the Options item … will allow you to set up software such as setting shortcuts, saving image format, language, image quality, …..

using lightshot

Use lightshot on a computer

Step 1: Let’s first explore the tweak’s feature LightShot screen capture. The default capture shortcut will be the button PrintScreen, your screen will darken, you can hover to select the area to capture. After confirming the area you need to capture, just click Copy to copy or Save to save the captured image.

Use lightshot to take the screen

Step 2: LightShot editing features

Pencil drawing: You can use the brush to draw anything on the photo you take, but using the brush to write text is pretty … bad.

flash screen with lightshot state

Straight line: Using this feature you will draw straight lines on your photo

Use lightshot on a computer

Arrow: You can use it to point at a special object in the image so that the viewer can understand what you mean

using lightshot to capture the desktop

Rectangle: Very useful when you want to circle a special area on the photo you take

Use lightshot to capture laptop screen

Tick: highlights areas of interest like in text.

Use lightshot to capture laptop screen win 10

Text: Helps you to write text directly on the image.

using lightshot to capture image on computer 10

Color: You want to change the color for the features above, the color feature will help you do that

using lightshot takes picture of laptop screen

Undo: Cancel the editing just set on the photo. The keyboard shortcut for this feature is Ctrl + Z

using lightshot

Step 3: Other LightShot features

Closed: Cancel the photo just taken. The keyboard shortcut for this feature is Ctrl + X

Use lightshot on win 10

Save: Save the photo you just took. The keyboard shortcut for this feature is Ctrl + S

using lightshot for computer win 810

Copy: copy the photo you just took. The keyboard shortcut for this feature is Ctrl + C

using lightshot to help you shoot photos on a computer 15

Print: Print the captured image. The keyboard shortcut for this feature is Ctrl + P

How to use lightshot to shoot him on a computer

Search for similar photos on Google: helps us to find photos similar to the one taken on Google. Shortcut key Ctrl + G

using lightshot to shoot him on a computer

Share on social networks: Share photos just taken on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, …

use the lightshot meme

Upload Upload photos just taken on website Photo editing page of LightShot. Shortcut key Ctrl + D.

use lightshot

using lightshot to capture screen image win 7

You can use LightShot to capture Win 10 screen without using any other software, LightShot supports Win 10 screen capture, save the best and best quality photos.
Above are instructions for using LightShot, software to take pictures on a computer. Hopefully, through the above article, you can better understand LightShot software, take and edit the best photos. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment, the technical team of ElectrodealPro will assist you. Good luck.


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