How to use FastStone Capture to return to the screen

How to use FastStone Capture to return to the screen

Proceed with computer screen recording by FastStone Capture help you save video tips, how to install the program … to share on the internet. FastStone Capture supports recording audio while recording video. Refer to the content in the article to know how to use FastStone Capture to record the laptop screen video.

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FastStone Capture is one of the 2-in-1. software. The reason for this is that besides taking screenshots with FastStone Capture, you can record the screen with FastStone Capture itself. In the previous article, Taimienphi showed how take screenshots using FastStone Capture then in this article will be a guide to video recording

Faststone capture screen recording

How to use the FastStone-Capture software to return to the screen

System requirements:Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10

Step 1: Download and install FastStone Capture: Download FastStone Capture

If you do not have, please download FastStone to use.

You click the icon footage (Screen Recorder)

Step 2: Then the dialog box Screen Recorder The pop-up will have options for you

Window / Object: Rotates a window or an object of your choice

Rectangular Area: Rotate an area with the size you choose

Full Screen Without Taskbar: Record full screen without the taskbar

Full Screen: Rotate all screen (In this mode you will display everything on screen)

Record: Start screen back

Options: Installation options

Exit: exit screen recording mode

Step 3: In part Options There are quite a few options for you. You can customize the frame rate, image quality, or change the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + F11) in Hotkey.

Step 4: To start recording you click on Record, to continue the selection Start

Step 5: After you have selected Start then FastStone Capture will automatically return to the screen for you. If you want to end press Resume. To save select Save, and choose Discard to exit the process and not save

This article instructed you in detail how to use FastStone Capture to return to the screen quickly and effectively. In addition, there are many other professional screen recording software available on ElectrodealPro


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