How to use Boomerang effect on Instagram

How to use Boomerang effect on Instagram

Recently, the Boomerang video recorder on Instagram has been updated with a new video cutter and a new set of 3 effects including SlowMo, Echo and Duo. This gives users more options when recording videos in Boomerang mode. Accordingly the user has an additional video cutter backwards, then apply 3 more effects. The SlowMo effect will slow down the action, the Echo adds a motion blur effect to Boomerang, and the Duo will accelerate the reverse shots, making Boomerang rewind from the beginning faster. Each of these effects has a unique option for you to use in your video. Videos after using the new Boomerang effect still have other options to insert. The following article will guide you how to use the new Boomerang effects in Instagram.

Video tutorial on using Boomerang effect in Instagram

Instructions to insert Boomerang effect on Instagram

Step 1:

We open the video recorder on Instagram and select to Boomerang video recording mode. Then you press the middle button to proceed with normal video recording. Keep clicking Infinity symbol at the top to open the Boomerang effects as shown.

Step 2:

First you will see the bar Adjust length of recorded video. You can shorten the video if you like. Next to us Click on each icon to use different effects for the Boomerang video I want.

When you have finished selecting the effect for the recorded Boomerang video, press Done button in the upper right corner. In addition, you can add other content such as stickers, text, and drawings to Instagram Story as usual.

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