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How to unlock Facebook account was reported


You are struggling not to know how to get your Facebook account reported back, please refer to the following Facebook tips of ElectrodealPro to find out details.

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How to recover a locked Facebook account, open Facebook account, and report and report by bad guys? Are the steps complicated?

all methods of facebook account reported

Instructions to unlock Facebook is the simplest Report

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How to unlock Facebook account was reported and reported

To unlock and recover a reported or reported Facebook account, you follow the steps below:

Step 1: Take photo of your identity card or driver’s license.

Note: Take both sides of the photo.

Step 2: Next visit at This link to file an appeal and get back your account.

Step 3: At this time, a new window will appear on the screen as shown below. Here you complete the information of your phone number or email address to login account, account name, then click on Choose Files (choose file) and upload photo ID or driver’s license (upload 2-sided photo).

all methods of facebook account are reported in the most spontaneous

Step 4: Finally in the section Additional info (additional information), enter additional reasons explaining that your account was reported by the bad guy.

All you can do next is wait for Facebook to respond. Usually, Facebook will respond 24 hours after the user submitted the appeal.

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The above article ElectrodealPro just instructed you how to unlock your Facebook account which was reported and reported. Hopefully with the above useful little tips will help you get your account back. Good luck!



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