How to understand that the Biden administration does not support Taiwan independence?

On July 6, Kurt Campbell, White House Indo-Pacific Affairs Coordinator, said he believes the US and China can live together peacefully, but he said it bluntly:This is going to be extremely difficult for the present generation and the next generation.”. When asked about the issue of Taiwan independence, Mr. Kurt Campbell reiterated the US position that the US does not support Taiwan independence. On July 7, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China reiterated that Taiwan is an independent sovereign country, this is the fact and also the status quo.

(Source: Adam Schultz/White House)

Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported that Kurt Campbell, Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific region of the White House National Security Committee on July 6 participated in the “Asia Association” activities. Asia” in Washington. Here, he said, “We are not in favor of building a strong informal relationship with Taiwan, we are not in favor of Taiwan independence.”

Mr. Kurt Campbell said bluntly, “We fully understand the sensitivity of this issue, we believe that Taiwan has a right to peacefully exist, we would like to see Taiwan’s international role, especially in vaccines and related fields during the epidemic period, Taiwan can be effective, and should not be taken lightly by the international community.”

We support the sanctity of Taiwan, he said, also trying to send a clear deterrent message to both sides of the Taiwan Strait. China has chosen a method that is completely opposite to the international order, the international community needs to think of a way to send a message of dissatisfaction, this is very important for other things that can consider doing for Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Speaking about US-China relations, Mr. Kurt Campbell said he believes the two countries can live together in peace. But China will present a huge challenge to the present generation and the next generation. He believes that the US-China relationship will not be the same as the period “back and forth” for almost half a century, but he opposed using “more opacity than clarity” of the cold war to talk about the relationship between the two countries.

When asked when US President Joe Biden will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping, Mr. Kurt Campbell said: “I think the two leaders will consider this, it is expected that soon, the two will have some contact.”

Regarding the above conversation, on July 7, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China Au Giang An said that he welcomed and thanked Mr. Kurt Campbell for his stance of supporting Taiwan’s participation in international affairs. At the same time, he reiterated his deep gratitude for the timely donation of 2.5 million doses of vaccine to Taiwan by the US Government, as well as the steadfast friendship against the epidemic.

Spokesperson Au Giang An emphasized that Taiwan is an independent and sovereign country, not part of the People’s Republic of China. This is a fact, as well as a current situation. The Taiwanese government always maintains a cautious and practical attitude to carefully handle cross-strait relations, protect freedom and democracy, and take advantage of more opportunities to participate in international affairs. . At the same time, win a high degree of affirmation and support from the United States and its like-minded partners.

Mr. Au Giang An said, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to work closely with the US based on the existing solid foundation, continue to strengthen the friendly partnership between the two sides.

RFA reported that researcher Nghiem Chan Sinh, of the Center for International Relations Studies – National Taiwan Political University, pointed out that the US has never changed. “One China Policy” of the US side, has also done a lot of good work for Taiwan based on this framework. After the US expressed this attitude, it would be easier to negotiate with China afterwards, because it would have eliminated the “mine” potentially explosive.

Professor Shen Youzhong from the Faculty of Politics – Taiwan Donghai University analyzed that, for the Biden government, Taiwan maintains “balance” and “faint” It is of great interest to the United States. Although the past time has had a clear strategic taste, but “still don’t want to puncture the balloon”.

Mr. Shen You Trung also said that in the second half of this year, the Biden administration is very likely to have contact with China, so it is creating some blurred space, but without harming Taiwan’s real interests. , further emphasizing the international space that Taiwan should have as an entity.

Kurt Campbell, executive director of the National Taiwan Institute of Policy Studies, said he reiterated the consistent stance of the US, in fact suggesting that the US – China are about to enter the negotiation phase. There is a high possibility that the two sides will have a high-level meeting at the G20 Summit. From the US-Russia summit held after Mr. Biden’s European tour, until after the CCP’s anniversary, Mr. Xi Jinping will also hold a summit with France and Germany, which shows two Both sides are accumulating their pieces.

Mr. Guo Yuren analyzed that Kurt Campbell’s statement, if interpreted as a villainous expression, is also a request that the Chinese Government respect the status quo, the so-called non-support for Taiwan independence, in fact say to the CCP that: “The US wants to protect the status quo of independence and sovereignty of the Republic of China.”

The Taiwan New Constitution Foundation (Taiwan New Constitution Foundation) on July 7 also issued a statement, saying that the best way for the US to show respect for Taiwan is to establish formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, so that allies more stable democracy, is also a demonstration of the determination to protect the liberal democratic order for China and other democratic countries to see.

On both sides of Taiwan’s two parties, Chairman of the Nationalist Party Jiang Khoi Than said that the US government was reminding the Democratic Progressive Party that the path of Taiwan independence was not clear, and that it supported the existing Republic of China regime. Returning to cross-strait dialogue, maintaining peaceful and stable relations across the strait, and achieving Taiwan’s greatest autonomy is the most beneficial path for Taiwan.

Mr. La Chi Chinh, Secretary of the Democratic Progressive Party at the Legislative Yuan, said that the fact that Taiwan is already an independent and sovereign polity and does not support Taiwan’s legal independence is the consistent position of the US. Because of Taiwan’s independence, the legislation would change the status quo and not be in line with US national interests in the current period.

Minh Tu, Vision Times

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