How to turn on Messenger chat bubbles on iPhone, iPad

How to turn on Messenger chat bubbles on iPhone, iPad

( Messenger chat bubbles are very convenient for you when you are surfing the web or using another application without fear of missing messages. Previously iPhone phones did not support this feature. However, users can now experience it right on iOS.

For Android users, the feature chat bubble Messenger appeared a long time ago. However, previously the iPhone did not support this feature. This feature will help users quickly message on the chat frame without having to select the message directly.

Currently, on the iOS version, the chat bubble feature has been updated Messenger. To enable and use this feature, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Choose Settings & Privacy -> Setting.

Step 2: Choose Notice via Messenger, turn on Chat Bubbles is to be.

After enabling the chat bubble feature Messenger, when surfing Facebook and see the message, you can click read quickly. With just 2 simple steps, you can immediately experience the chat bubble feature Messenger. It’s simple, right. If Iphone If you do not have this feature enabled, install it and experience it right away.

Note: Currently this feature is being updated gradually for iPhone/iPad. If your phone has not been updated yet, please wait a little longer.

Wish you have interesting experiences with chat bubble feature Messenger.


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