How to turn off the "Is Displaying Over Other Apps" notification on Android Oreo
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How to turn off the “Is Displaying Over Other Apps” notification on Android Oreo

The fact that some applications can display thumbnails while others are running (for example, Facebook Messenger) is quite convenient for users. However, some applications will stop running when another application runs, creating a “Screen Overlay Detected” error that annoys the user. With Oreo, Android has shown a system notification to let users know what’s going on. This is extremely useful, but some users are indifferent and sometimes annoyed. So what to do? Check out the article below to learn how to turn off these notifications!

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How to disable the “Displaying Over Other Apps” notification

You can quickly turn off these notifications, however, you must do this with each app you receive the notification.

To get started, wait until you see the message pop up and hold it down.

This will open the Android system notification settings.

Hold down the message that displays

To quickly turn off notifications, just adjust the slider. A note will show you that you have successfully turned off that notification. This only works for currently running applications, a new message is displayed if another application is running insertion.

Adjust the slider to turn off notifications

When you’re done, press Done.

How to reactivate the “Displaying Over Other Apps” notification

If you change your mind about displaying the message again, you can follow the instructions below.

Scroll the screen from the top and click the gear icon to open the menu Settings.

Click the gear icon to open the Settings menu

From here, click select Apps & Notifications.

Click on Apps & Notifications

Then click Notifications> Notifications (On for all apps).

Click the 3 vertical dots icon in the top right corner, then select Show system. This will display the system apps and apps installed from Play Store in the list.

Click the three dot iconSelect Show system

Then choose Android System.

Select Android System

Find the notifications you disabled earlier (in this case, the Messenger app). Then reactivate by turning on the slider.

Reactivate Messenger displaying over over other apps

That’s it then. It’s simple, right.

Good luck!


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