How to text and make calls on iPhone without unlocking
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 How to text and make calls on iPhone without unlocking

How to text and make calls on iPhone without unlocking

Since iOS 12, the iPhone has added Favorites, with which you can add your favorite contacts to access even when the phone screen is locked. Currently the contact list is displaying a maximum of 8 phone numbers in your Favorites while on the lock screen and we can sort the priority of the contacts as best as possible.

Perhaps this is a very useful feature that not everyone knows, besides the SOS feature in the lock screen, you can make calls or text messages according to your own previous settings. When adding a phone number to your favorites you can choose to allow texting or calling. So when you have a job or want to make a quick call you can quickly make it without having to unlock the iPhone as usual. Below we will guide you in detail how to call or text when your iPhone is locked.

Note: Your iPhone must be enabling access from the screen when the device is locked at Setting -> Touch ID & Password and On feature Today’s View.

Instructions for calling on the lock screen of iPhone

Step 1:

At the main interface of the iPhone, please select the calling feature. At interface Call Click to tab Favorites – Star icon.

Immediately after that interface Favorites appears, here you can start adding your favorite contacts to make a quick call by clicking to plus (top left corner).

The main interface of iPhoneFavorites

Step 2:

Display Contact appears with your phone book, select any contact to add.

Window More go to Favorites appears, here you can choose your purpose with the contact including: Send a message, Mobile call or Video call.

Contact listThe purpose of creating

Note: Setting up that contact you will only be made according to the option added initially, on the lock screen we can only make calls or messages according to the settings in this step.

Step 3:

After setup, you’ll see that contact appear Favorites. To edit the contact list in Favorites, click Edit (in the top right corner) and click the red minus sign to remove the contact from the contact list on Favorites.

Added successfullyEdit Favorites

Step 4:

Now lock your phone. At the lock screen, swipe the phone from left to right. Favorites will appear here for you to choose any contact in the list to message or call.

Remove from FavoritesContact in lock screen

Video on how to make calls on the lock screen of iPhone

Above we have shown you how to make calls on the iPhone’s lock screen. Hopefully, you will have an interesting tip when using iPhone.

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