How to temporarily hide Facebook Fanpage

How to temporarily hide Facebook Fanpage

Instead of permanently deleting, hiding Facebook Fanpage temporarily will help the manager to pause all activities of the page when unable to continue, this way does not affect the information and data of the Fanpage and is more convenient. when you intend to restore the page at a later date.

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Hidden action, temporarily lock Facebook Fanpage is done by the user proactively, so it is easy to restore all operations, data integrity as originally. When done, your Fanpage will:

– User will not be able to find your Fanpage anymore.
– Posts, images, … on Fanpage are completely hidden on Facebook.
– Users also cannot message your Fanpage.
The link to your site will no longer be active.

how to use facebook fanpage

Instructions to temporarily hide Facebook Fanpage

Do not let you wait any longer, let’s go into Taimienphi to find out how to temporarily hide Facebook Fanpage in the content below.

How to temporarily hide Facebook Fanpage

Step 1: Access the Facebook Fanpage page with administrator rights.
Step 2: Press the button Setting is in the right corner on the toolbar.
Step 3: In the Settings screen, you select a category General in the list of functions in the left column. Next, in section Page display mode was Edit.

how to make facebook fanpage three times

Step 4: In the new options that appear, click Page not posted yet and Save changes.

how to make facebook fanpage three times

Step 5: The system will continue to ask the reason for Unsubscribe, you choose This page is not completed , then press Next.

how to make facebook fanpage three times

Step 6: In the next screen you choose Cancel post to complete hiding the Facebook Fanpage.

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After successfully hiding Facebook Fanpage, the screen will display a message as shown below.

how to make Facebook fanpage three times
Thus, with about 6 actions, you can temporarily hide Facebook Fanpage quickly, as desired. In case you have trouble following the instructions, please leave a comment below this article for support as soon as possible! Also, visit the site regularly Facebook tips to keep track of many commonly used tips.


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