How to take pictures of HOT antique with Pitu on iPhone, Android phones

How to take pictures of HOT antique with Pitu on iPhone, Android phones

How to take pictures of HOT antique with Pitu on iPhone and Android phones is being loved and loved by many people. With this Pitu software, you can easily create beautiful, sparkling pictures of the ancient site, making you satisfied.

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This will help you: Get impressive antique photos

If as if you have been Photo by Vo Tac Thien On your computer or phone, today ElectrodealPro will bring you the hottest stock photography trend today with Pitu tool. This is a very popular application similar to Camera360, but Pitu provides you with many unique images so you can insert your face or anyone into it easily. .

Chup me with a page with Puti

Install and use Pitu to combine the hottest stock photos today


Step 1: Download and install Pitu application for your Smartphone

=> Link download Pitu for Android

=> Link download Pitu for iPhone

Step 2: After the installation is complete launch the application. Pitu will ask you for a number permissions for the app the hottest stock photography today, you need Allow that request.

Take him with a page

Step 3: On the Pitu interface, select the item Crazy ex-face and move on Pre-existence love.

Take him with a page

Step 4: At Pre-existence you will be filtered out the choices of historical characters that you want to include your face in. Click on the historical character that you choose to download and take stock photos.

Take him with pages on ios

Step 5: Pitu continued to ask location access and Camera, press Allow / Ok for these 2 options and keep pressing Ok when the Crazy ex-face board appears.

Photo editor has page on android

Step 6: Pitu’s strong point is that in addition to creating and taking pictures with beautiful frames available, Pitu features very accurate face recognition. You can take a selfie of your face or take an idol photo or even choose the ones from Photo library (Photos) that you have taken before. When taking pictures, click the check mark so that the tool will scan the face and integrate it into the available antique frame.

take pictures on your phone

Step 7: The results after Pitu integrates the face, you can convert to other frames in the lower frame. With many features and unique shaping, it makes Pitu become the hottest ancient photography application today. After selecting the desired photo you can download to your phone with the icon Download upper right corner of the screen.

Take him the hottest page today

So you already know how to create photos, immerse yourself in the characters who follow the hottest trend of historical photography today, right? If you want to “live virtual” more, your pictures are more sparkling, you can refer to how take fairy photos on the phone Please.
Pitu is a very interesting tool in shaping face selfies. And to make the landscape photos more sparkling, Everfilter is a great application for work Turn photos into paintings art. You can turn a monotonous, sunny, windless sky into a clear, cloudy blue sky or a dark night sky into a brilliant sky with many stars with a few simple steps on Everfilter. Wish you create beautiful, satisfied photos with Pitu, Everfilter, … and many other photography tools that will be introduced here by ElectrodealPro.


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